Bovine and Swine Barbecue Company, Enmore

I have a bad habit of not eating at barbecues and picnics. I usually have very little faith about people who are pulled into cooking for a random occasion and tend to eat beforehand so I don’t starve as I’m making small talk with someone who’s in the midst of a mid-life crisis when I’m just wondering when the Flash TV series will tell us who Zoom really is.

Anywho, back to the matter at hand. I don’t eat a lot at barbecues.

That totally doesn’t apply when I’m at Bovine and Swine Barbecue Company in Enmore.

Featuring tender, tender brisket, melt in your mouth beef short rib en-more.

Let’s roll.

bovine and swine barbecue company

Officially Enmore’s hottest new establishment and undisputed smokeshow, Bovine and Swine Barbecue Company is already a contedner for best barbecue joint in Sydney. Locals and non-locals alike congregate every night and form a crowd that’s usually reserved for the nearby Enmore Theatre.

Manned by Vic’s Meat alumni Anton Hughes and Wes Griffiths, Bovine is a carnivore’s dream.

bovine and swine barbecue company
Not a line for One Direction

Alright, no more dawdling. Let’s get to the show:

bovine and swine barbecue company platter
A platter for two

There are a lot of ways to sample the glorious offerings that Bovine has on the menu. You can have a little bit of everything, you can opt for a meat plate for two which features 200gm of 3 different types of meat cooked in their beautifully crafted smoker and some side dishes. Or you can just order the salad and immediately be booted out of all group chats you’re involved in.

What did I do? I recruited Chocolatesuze, the only available member of The Girls Who Ate the World and Philsosophyy so we could eat EVERYTHING.

Let’s start with the best of the lot:

bovine and swine barbecue company beef short rib
Beef short rib

It may be called a short rib but it definitely didnt’ fall short in terms of the flavour department.

Just have a look at that layer of fat. It’s the most amazing bite of flavour you can consume short of pouring a mixture of salt and butter down your throat. The meat plate comes with dipping sauce (grainy and peppery) but I never felt the need to use it at all. The rub utilised by the wizards behind the counter is just a fantastic combination of seasoning with the smokiness of the wood also coming through.

Easily one of the most satisfying meals I’ve had all year, you’ll have to s-cow-er the universe for something comparable let alone something better.

bovine and swine co mac and cheese
Mac and Cheese

I almost always order mac and cheese when it’s on a menu. It’s as much of a guarantee as me including two bad puns for every good one in my posts.

The mac and cheese available at Bovine is a great selection for everyone that needs carbs to go along with every meal, it’s cheesy but not to the point in which you’re googling “best cardiologists” in the area. The addition of broccoli really mixes up the textures and the portion is rather generous.

bovine and swine barbecue company
Hot links

These are unlike any sort of sausages I’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling. There’s a mix of heat, fat and a strong meaty chew with every bite.

Snagging some of these is a move that I recommend highly.

I can’t wait to link up with these again.

bovine and swine barbecue company beef brisket
Beef brisket

Just thinking about these bad boys makes me salivate.

Once again, the Bovine rub enhances the quality of the meat exponentially. High fat content combined with the pepper kick which just melted away in my mouth. It was absolutely divine.

Or should I say…Bovine.


bovine and barbecue platter
Chopped pork and chicken!

Yes, yes we did get a second platter.

I was so stuffed by the time I had my share of brisket and short rib that the poor pork was quite neglected. The chopped pork would’ve been absolutely awesome in a simple sandwich as it had plenty of flavour. Very soft with a slight chew, it was another great rub for the Vic’s meat alumni to show just how well they understood seasoning.

The chicken was very lean but still packed a lot of flavour.  Easily the leanest item we had all day and there was an element of sweetness in the poultry.

In fairness, the entire experience at Bovine was sweet.


bovine and swine barbecue company
Hats off to the homies at Bovine for the fantastic meat up.

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone expecting me to swine and miss with all the meat puns:

– You have to go early, homies. I may or may not have asked to leave work early just so I can wait in line.

– The must orders are definitely the beef short rib, beef brisket and stretchy pants.

– I don’t care how many kilomeatres I have to travel, I’m making sure I visit Bovine & Swine as often as I can.

Bovine and Swine Barbecue Company, Enmore

92 Enmore Road

Closed: Monday – Tuesday
Wednesday – Saturday: From 6pm until sold out
Sunday: From 12pm till sold out

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