Rustic Pearl, Surry Hills

As time has passed, my taste in music has changed drastically.

Growing up, I listened to whatever my sister was listening to. This consisted mostly of R&B and sad break up songs when boys would dump her (confession: she only really got dumped once and the guy told her he was leaving the country immediately. It got super awkward when she bumped into him the next week in Darling Harbour).

When she moved out, I started listening to more hip-hop cause I was a fat Chinese kid from the suburbs who somehow related to the struggles of African Americans growing up in the streets.

AS I grew older, I started appreciating a bit of everything. Some indie, some pop, some dance. even rock appealed to me.

Ok, I’m not a huge fan of rock music. A lot of my friends like Pearl Jam and I’m just not into it.

However, I do like food from Rustic Pearl jam-med down my throat.

rustic pearl surry hills

It’s incredibly hard to stand out on the strip of Crown Street as there are noteworthy restaurants, cafes and eateries whichever way you choose to look. However, Rustic Pearl does just that as it stands out, above the crowd, shouting out loud with its Mediterranean influenced breakfast menu.

rustic pearl surry hills
I see there are some other folks who heed the call of Rustic Pearl Jam

Let’s start this culinary concert with something cool:

rustic pearl turkish apple iced tea
Turkish apple iced tea with rose, mint and lime

One of my favourite beverages; this iced tea is just incredibly refreshing. The citrus kick of the lime, the cool mint tones and flowery rose combines for a stream of liquid gold flowing into your body.

You going to love it and I’m going to say I gold you so.

Rustic Pearl Wagyu Omelette
Wagyu omelette with Buffalo mozzarella, spinach, skordalia, tomato relish & toast

One of the cardinal sins a chef can make in the kitchen is overcooking a fine cut of beef. I’ve seen it everywhere from cafes, bars, restaurants and even in dodgy underground mahjong establishments. You cook your beef well done and you completely destroy the fat and results in dry, bland and unappealing moo-meat.

This is not the case here, the smoked wagyu is cooked perfectly and retains all the fat and melt in your mouth texture that makes diners want to sing Louis Armstrong’s “What a Wonderful World.”

You’ll definitely be thinking: “what a wonderful omelette.”

rustic pearl royale
Royale: two poached organic eggs on toast with Petuna premium ocean trout, wilted baby spinach, homemade hollandaise & relish

If you listen closely, you can hear eggs benedicts all over the city muttering “and we’ll never be royale.”

Because there’s no way they can be.

The Royale is the pinnacle of eggs benedict dishes. There are the two perfectly poached eggs which start unleashing their yolk drip with the gentlest of prods.

Then there’s the premium smoky ocean trout which flakes away with every mouthful that reminds you of every date you went on with the hot foreign exchange student; you knew that she was going to leave you and it made you cherish every bite. Last but not least are the cherry tomatoes on the side that remind you of the side-girl you have stashed away from when the foreign exchange girl leaves.

I’m just kidding, baby. You know I love you.

rustic pearl lobster benedict
Bosphorus Benedict: two poached organic eggs on toast with Bay lobster, avocado, homemade hollandaise, fresh corrriander and chilli

Bosphorous was definitely a boss for me. It led from the front by punching me in the mouth with flavour. I’m such a masochist that I was happy for it to punch me again.

Once again, you had the perfectly poached eggs except now they’re just chilling on a bed of avocado, coriander and lobster! There could be more lobster but I dare say that line applies for any amount of lobster one can be presented with.

This breakfast dish was so gangster that I’m not convinced its lobster meat but it’s actually mobster meat.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone that was expecting me to somehow shoehorn a line about me being a rusti(c) writer:

– I’m bedicted to the Turkish apple iced tea. It’s the apple of my eye and I’ll never grow tea-dious of it.

– The eggs are eggcelent here. No matter which omelette or benedict you go for.

– Rustic Pearl is one of Sydney’s finest breakfast establishments, you’ll be surry if you don’t visit it.


Rustic Pearl, Surry Hills

415 Crown Street

Opening Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday: 8am to 4PM

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