Glider KS, Chippendale

You’re not going to believe this but I’m not very adventurous.

My idea of weekend adventure consists of sleeping in past 6 o’clock and delaying my afternoon nap ’til 1 o’clock. The most exciting thing I’ve done recently is putting two scoops of ice cream between two Krispy Kreme donuts and devouring it all within two minutes.

I’ve never gone skydiving, rock climbing, scuba diving, motorboating (heh) or held on to a hang glider as I floated majestically above the peasants who chose to walk instead of glide to their destination.

Speaking of gliders, I recently flew into Glider KS in Chippendale and took my mouth on a culinary adventure.

glider ks chippendale

Located on the recently revamped Kensington Street, Glider KS is enjoying a tonne of foot traffic. You’ve got folks visiting Spice Alley, amigos ducking in after visiting Central Park and young witches and wizards accidentally finding it after emerging from Diagon Alley.

You know what else Glider has in touch with the world of Harry Potter? Magic in the form of their Thai influenced cafe fare.

Let’s take a closer look into the pensieve:

glider ks coffee
Single Origin coffee

I’ve come a long way from the guy who turned his nose up at coffee as I sipped on my choice of energy drink. I am far from a java connoisseur but this is one nice cup of joe. It’s earthy and maybe a tad bitter for coffee novices but it definitely woke me up from my Monday induced stupor.

Oh and the cup is bricky cool.

Glider KS omelette
Gliders Thai Style Omelette

A very simple omelette with red onion, shallots and bean sprouts thrown on top as garnish. The eggs were light and crispy whilst the onions and bean sprouts provided a crunch. Very solid, simple and satisfying dish and one in which I will continue to make Thai-me for in the future.

Glider KS duck noodles
Glider’s duck brekky noodles

Now this is a dish worth ducking in for.

I normally skip breakfast and this plate made me reconsider that terrible, terrible life decision. It’s hearty, warm and spicy all at the same time. There’s also a decent amount of duck throughout the noodles, herbs and bean sprouts. I searched throughout the noodle forest for duck with skin on it and was rewarded for my efforts.

This definitely beats having vegemite on toast. Duck that.

glider ks chicken burger
Ginger chicken burger with Thai style fried egg

Allow me to introduce you to one of the most unique burgers I’ve ever had the sample of digging into.

The exterior of the chicken patty resembles a Thai styled fish cake with the slightly chewy texture. The herbs within also brought me back to all the times I ordered Pad Thai from food delivery services and had to order additional fish cakes just to reach the minimum.

The fried egg was gorgeous and the oozing yolk made sweet, sweet love to the fresh leaves of lettuce and chicken for a bite of flavour every time. The ginger element of the dish is definitely not shy and you will definitely be stealing your co-worker’s mints after this.

All in all, I wasn’t sure whether the burger or myself was the coolest thing in the room. Guess it was a Thai.

glider ks donut
Glider’s home made vegan donuts

Bonus round!

The lovely annachaannn was caught ogling at these donuts and the kind folk at Glider KS were happy to pack one up for us to try. It’s a very interesting donut with the consistency of banana bread, it’s quite doughy but er…I was reminded that it is a dough-nut after all.

It was packed with cashew nuts and coconut. The most apt comparison in my mind is Ben & Jerry’s in donut form. You know how every spoonful of Ben & Jerry’s contains a tonne of peripherals? This is exactly what Glider’s donut was doing too.

Anywho, I do-nut know what I’m talking about. Please try it yourself and report back to me!

glider ks chippendale

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who wishes they had aglided themselves harder during school.

– Located on Kensington Lane, Glider KS can be accessed from Spice Alley or just off Central Park. Just glide on over and tell them iFat sent you for a guaranteed confused look.

– I’ll be back for the chicken burger, you know how I love being at patties.


Glider KS

9 Kensington St, Chippendale

Opening Hours:


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