Beyond the Food with the Hannashians

I’m old and here are a few reasons why:

– I hate crowded places.

– I have no idea what constitutes popular music anymore

– I don’t know why Kim Kardashian’s family is famous.

About that last point, I know the cliffnotes version. Kim made a certain video with Ray J (who clearly used his one wish very well) and the video blew up. It’s a tactic we’ve seen before (how you doin, Paris?) but we haven’t seen someone launch an empire or turn their family into A-listers before. It’s unprecedented.

Honestly though? I don’t care, it doesn’t affect me and I’ll never knock anyone’s hustle. I just refuse to Keep up with the Kardashians.

I much, much rather Eat up with the Hannashians:

eating up with the hannashians

Isaac: Ok, what was your sextape moment? How’d it all begin?

EUWTH: Okay we were driving home one night from a dinner last year and we had already started thinking about creating an Instagram account called keepingupwiththehannashians and post all the food we eat on there because we eat out SO MUCH and then while we were driving home, I (Saryne) said at the same time as Rochele: “why dont we call it EATINGGGG up with the Hannashians!!” It was so weird we literally said eating at the same time! and when we got home we created it! Voila!

Isaac: Can you break down the role each one of you play with the blog?

EUWTH: Yes! We all take the photos when we are out because we aren’t always together and Saryne mostly edits but we all write the captions together. Jaz is really witty so she thinks of great captions! Our website is pretty much all Rochele she picked the theme and organised all the blog posts and our e-store! If you want to know about our extra things- Saryne mostly does the Snapchat and films the Youtube videos on her iPhone and Rochele usually edits the videos for Youtube.

Isaac: Speaking of YouTube and the e-store; you guys have had some killer branding ideas. How’d the Youtube channel and EUWTH store come about?

EUWTH: We have all worked for online stores before so it was only natural that we created one for ourselves and for it to obviously revolve around food! Food and fashion are our big loves as well as philanthropy so eventually we would like to tie in some charities with it all.

We wanted to make videos so Youtube was the best platform for them. We are obsessed with Vices food channel ‘Munchies‘ so we wanted to make our own Munchies style channel! We will make proper videos of us eating meals soon, we have some exciting stuff lined up but good things take time!

euwth youtube
It’s almost like I’m eating with friends except I’m alone in my room with undercooked spaghetti

Isaac: Yo, I love Munchies. I just rewatched the Eddie Huang Baohaus video and I tried making the ultimate Eggslut sandwich.

EUWTH: YAAASSSS!!! We rewatch the videos all the time! We actually have our favourites and our favourite playlist is definitely Chefs Night Out !

Isaac: Speaking of nights out, who would you guys most want to have a night out with? It could be anyone from celebrities, chefs or food bloggers named iFat.

EUWTH: 1. iFat 2. Biggie/Tupac (can they be dead?) 3. EDDIE HUANG 4. ANTHONY BOURDAIN 5. DRAKE 7. NICK KYRGIOS 8. ANDY MILONAKIS 9. Omg there are no women on this list yet!!! Ummmm Azealia Banks! She has one of our hangry necklaces and she wears it so that’s pretty cool 10. we are big fans of munchies HUGE in fact so all the hosts of the shows on Munchies that we havent already named. 11. EVERYONE THAT FOLLOWS EATINGUP!!! and asks us if we can eat together!! Hopefully one day we can get that to happen! There are so many people we want to write but a lot of them are not really that famous to most people so i think we will leave it at that!

Isaac: Other than trying to round up all 100,000 of your followers for a night out. What else do you guys have in store (heh) for the future?

EUWTH: Ummmmm LOTS more Youtube videos! Lots more awareness of how great western Sydney is! Hopefully help some great up and coming hard working food places and people get some awareness because there are so many wonderful places that just don’t get that much exposure but they really deserve it so we love doing that for them! We don’t take any money for any of our posts and we pick everywhere we eat based on what we love and what our followers love! Just staying true to the Hannashian life really.

eating up with the hannashians
So good

Isaac: You guys ready for the lightning round? I swear it’s almost over.

EUWTH: Yeah, go for it!

Isaac: Favourite hangover cure?

EUWTH: Yum Cha 110%

Isaac: This one’s for all of you;  which actress would you want playing you in a movie about your life?

EUWTH: Saryne: Olivia Munn/Emily Ratajkowski | Rochele: Nasin Pedrad | Jaz: Lizzy Caplan

Isaac: Last question; favourite Kardashian and why is it Kanye?

EUWTH: Hahha definitely not Kanye. It would have to be Rob Kardashian because we can really sympathise with his fluctuating weight gain and loss

Isaac: Believe me, I know too. iFat afterall.

Eat up with the Hannashians on their Instagram account, Youtube channel as well as their Facebook page!

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