Clipper Cafe, Glebe

Whenever I have trouble sleeping, I close my eyes and visualise the same thing.

I’m a little bit younger, I’m wearing a suit and I’m eagerly awaiting to hear my name called out by the commissioner of the NBA Draft. For those who don’t know, there is an event called the “draft” every year in which teams select from a bunch of college/international players to join their team. It’s the dream of every basketball player to eventually make it into the NBA.

In the dream, I don’t care about which team calls out my name. I just want to play and prove that I’m the best basketball player to ever emerge from Strathfield.

I don’t care if its the Chicago Bulls.

I don’t care if its the Boston Celtics.

I don’t care if its the LA Clippers.

Ok, playing for the Clippers (or any NBA team) is a bit of a pipe dream. However, having an enjoyable breakfast at Clipper Cafe in Glebe is well within reason.

clipper cafe glebe

Located on the top of Glebe Point Road (Broadway side), Clipper Cafe is one of the quirkier establishments in this neck of the woods. With knick knacks and retro posters, it’s very reminiscent of the dwelling of your quirkiest aunt, you know the one; the one that stressed the importance of studying all throughout uni then pulled a 180 and asked why you weren’t dating shortly afterwards.

…what were we talking about? Right, food at Clipper Cafe.

Let’s begin:

clipper cafe
Smoked salmon & mashed avocado on sourdough with free ranged poached eggs, dill and capers

I remember watching a Gordon Ramsay clip on YouTube once where he spoke about judging the quality of his chefs by how well he made eggs. Yes, I might be one of the only people on this planet that was on YouTube watching a video of Gordon Ramsay that didn’t involve him berating someone. Back to my original point, eggs may be simple, but they’re also really easy to mess up.

Clipper Cafe doesn’t mess up eggs. You can see the ooze just slithering its way out of the white like a gooey snake ready to slither into my mouth and make residence of my stomach. Avocado and salmon have been friends for longer than Joey and Chandler so the synergy here is on point.

clipper cafe mushroom pesto eggs
Mushroom pesto eggs on ciabatta, provolone cheese and mild ajvar

Full disclosure: I went to Clipper four times to guage how consistent their dishes were….also because I’m too lazy to bring lunch and enjoy spending money on food cooked by other people. I like it when I go to a place and the place delivers.

Speaking of deliveries, this mushroom pesto eggs dish reminded me of the greatest and most consistently delivered item in human history (outside of mail): pizza. This dish was a healthy take on pizza.

The ciabatta served as a pizza base, the mushrooms and pesto is coated in cheese and then there’s an awesome poached egg placed on top. I haven’t even spoke about the avjar yet, avjar is a relish that is usually made with red capsicum and garlic.

Imagine those flavours sprinkled on top of your pseudo pizza; give me a pizza that every day of the week.

clipper cafe baked eggs
Baked eggs with chorizo, napoli sauce, fetta, spinach, olives and herb toast

You’ve all heard of clip art. That’s exactly what the baked eggs are…clipper art.

Cooked in a rich tomato heavy sauce, this dish just wants to be your best mate-o. In case you play hard to get, homie also brings ’round a piling heap of chorizo to try and win you over. Still not won over? Not too worry he’s packing some fetta and olives too.

Alright, we can (herb) toast to this new friendship.

clipper cafe baked eggs
Oh I forgot to mention you can mix up the meats as well. Meatballs, lamb sausage, you name it, they’ll bake it.

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone else who enjoys clipping-er over and giving her a nice back massage because she’s had a long week:

– Best Clipper since Blake Griffin confirmed.

– Clipper Cafe is just an all-round solid breakfast/lunch option. With an expansive menu, you’re bound to find something that suits your palate.


Clipper Cafe, Glebe

16 Glebe Point Road

Opening Hours:

Open 7 days: 6am to 6pm

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