The Upside Cafe, Ultimo

Once upon a time, I hated my job.

I was stuck in a place where I thought careers went to die which was ironic because it was one of my first “real” jobs. In my mind, I had nowhere else to go. This is what university had prepared me for, it was all a part of the plan right?

However, the plan sucked and I looked for an exit.

I didn’t have much to fall back on. I always thought I could write a little but I wasn’t qualified. One of my friends talked me out of going back to get another degree and said

“If you want to write, then write.”

I applied for a job I had no right to get. I mean, all I had on my resume were Facebook notes and blog posts. I had very little going for me.

But the company and I knew one thing; I had a tonne of potential, talent and upside.

Speaking of, I went to visit Upside Cafe in Ultimo.

upside cafe ultimo

Located a stone’s throw away from UTS and Central Park, the Upside Cafe is a hub for students and everyone that works nearby. Specialising in breakfast, burgers and beers, the Upside Cafe tops it off by seating people in a gorgeous, little courtyard:

upside cafe courtyard

Alright, let’s see how the food holds up in court:

upside cafe gangsta wrap
Gangsta wrap with fried chicken, cheddar, smoky bbq sauce, avocado, tomato, greens and spicy aioli

Nowadays everybody wanna wrap, like they’ve got something to add. But no flavour comes out when I use my lips, just a bunch of gibberish and mother effers act like they forgot about Upside.

Seriously, this wrap is…gangsta. There is a generous serving of chicken and the spicy aioli grants every bite a great kick. The greens were a bit wilted but that’s what happens when you toast everything together, I’ll live with wilted greens as long as I get melted cheese everyday of the week.

House crumbed fish fingers with spicy tartar sauce. cos lettuce and handcut chips
House crumbed fish fingers with spicy tartar sauce. cos lettuce and handcut chips

I couldn’t wait to get my fingers all over these fingers.

There may be plenty of fish in the sea but there won’t be if I can make my wish come true and have these on daily basis. The batter was incredibly crunchy and the fish within was very soft and flaked away. The herbs and spices that seasoned the fish were very nice.

Gotta draw your attention to the hand cut chips. Cut chunky and fried beautifully, the accompanying tartar sauce worked as well with the chips as they did with the fish.

upside cafe chicken burger
Grilled chicken burger with kale, bacon, slaw and smoky hot sauce

Chick this burger out!

I actually meant to order the deep fried version and got the grilled version by accident. The fact that I didn’t want it changed was a sign of how great this burger was. I’ve got to say how well Upside concocts their sauces; it’s not used to mask the lack of flavour in everything else but to enhance it.

The chicken was juicy and the bacon’s smokiness was on point like Chris Paul. The crunch added by the slaw and kale were also fantastic.

upside cafe philly steak sandwich
Philly steak sandwich with marinated beef, 3 cheeses, onion and greens

Can you phil the love and cheese in the air?

Upside guarantees you feel it by stacking the Philly steak sandwich 3 different kinds!

Some well cooked stead, onions, greens and cheese in a warm brioche bun. That’s a better sum than Nutella.

upside cafe beef burger
Smoky beef burger with grilled beef, crispy bacon, chipotle pepper, cheddar, lettuce and mayo

The smoky beef burger is Upside Cafe’s best seller and deservedly so.

It’s a very juicy burger that will begin dripping as soon as you pick it up. Filled with sauces and glorious flavour; its served between two slightly sweet brioche buns. The charred patty is the true star and the shining star of the centre of this burger universe with the crispy bacon, lettuce and cheese serving as orbiting planets.

This is a galaxy I want to live in for the rest of space and time.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone else who used to work in a crummy job:

– Few better places to court a young lass than Upside Cafe’s courtyard

– The burgers are better at Upside Cafe, not Hungry Jack’s.

– And that’s a (gangsta) wrap.


The Upside Cafe, Ultimo
137 Broadway, Ultimo

Opening Hours
Monday – Friday: 6am to 4pm
Closed on weekends

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