Brewristas, Glebe

Little known fact about me: I used to be a barista.

I was absolutely terrible. This was before I liked coffee so I had absolutely no idea what “good” coffee was. I must’ve ruined coffee for so many people. In fairness, the beans we used smelt like me before I discovered deodorant so it was hard to turn chicken poop into chicken salad.

I’ve retired my coffee making ways. I only drink from brewristing experts like the fine folk over at Brewristas in Glebe:

brewristas glebe

Brewristas has quickly established itself as one of the premier cafes in Glebe with Asian inspired offerings and unique twists on coffee. It has a bit of an affiliation with the Sydney Food Blogger scene with Denny from Feed My Camera involved behind the scenes.

brewristas-interior (2)
You don’t see it, but there is an actual swing set in the corner
And a blackboard so you can do your best Bart Simpson impersonation
And a blackboard so you can do your best Bart Simpson impersonation

Alright, let’s have a look at what these guys are brewing:

brewristas drinks
Coldbrew, Brewmenade and Brewtea

This is not your regular cold brew or iced coffee.

The mad scientists operating the grinders and drips at Brewristas have come up with some crazy combinations for folks to get their caffeine fix.

brewristas cold brew
Look at that colour, this is as close as I’ll get to sipping whisky

I only just stopped having sugar in my coffee. My appreciation for coffee is still rather under developed so bear with me as I try to navigate my way through this.

My favourite was the Brewmenade. The fizz and acidic kick went really well with the cold brew, as a coffee novice, this variation was the easiest one to tip back.

Let’s go with some food to go with the coffee:

brewristas porky pig
The Porky Pig: Honey jam and Korean pancake, poached egg, bacon, rocket, spicy guacamole and mango habanero mayo

Several of Brewrista’s dishes are Korean inspired and Porky Pig might be the best example. The Korean pancake is a variation of the traditional hotteok (a Korean pancake with filling; in this case the sweet, sweet honey jam). Every bite is an explosion of different flavours with the smokiness of the bacon, the pepper kick of rocket, the spiciness of the guacamole and the oozing egg yolk. Along with the mix in flavours, the multitude of textures on display is also kind of crazy.

I would love to (honey) jam these into my mouth on a daily basis.

brewristas shrimp burger
Wasap-bi? Shrimp katsu, wasabi mayo, fresh Asian slaw on a brioche bun served with a side of lotus paprika chips

Lot-us dive right into this, shall we?

The debate between milk and brioche buns is a non-issue for me. Whatever works with the fillings is always the winner in my eyes and if they both work? Well, that means you have a Hell of a burger on your hands. The Wasapbi burger is just that.

The shrimp katsu is my ideal source of foodprawn. The crunchy katsu batter and the soft almost tofu like texture of the shrimp make up the perfect seafood patty.

Now that my friends, is wasap.

brewristas pumpkin salad
Roasted pumpkin and quinoa salad with fried tofu, beetroot, tomato, frisee, walnuts and orange balsamic dressing (with scrambled eggs on the side).

Before I talk about the salad, can I draw your attention to those scrambled eggs on the side?

Delightfully simple, you’d be surprised how often this humble dish gets screwed up. I’ve had them overcooked, undercooked, served in a shoe, poured over me, off the stomach of a belly dancer; you name it.

At Brewristas is where I want to have them next, very creamy, smooth and begging to be lapped up.

Ok, back to the salad. My buddy Eilxrrr enjoyed it so much that she gave me maybe..a nibble or two and devoured the rest of it whilst I was in the bathroom. I was really impressed with the tofu. Delightfully crispy, it went really well with the soft and mushy pumpkin.

My advice for when you order this dish is to get into it quickly before your friend snipes it all.

brewristas chicken burger
Hot chicks: Deep fried chicken fillet, gochujang sauce, pickled daikon radish and lettuce on a brioche bun

This chicken burger is quite different from the ones I’ve had in the past. Wait, why am I talking about the past? We stopped studying history after graduating from high school, let’s talk about the present.

Speaking of presents, this burger was an absolute gift to my tastebuds. Let’s start with the crunchy Korean fried chicken sitting in the centre of this burger universe. It still manages to be incredibly juicy and tender even though it’s been deep fried. There is no way I’d be as tasty if I was placed in boiling oil.  Just in case the chicken wasn’t enough, they slapped some pickled daikon in there and some slightly spicy/sweet gochujang sauce. The only negative is that the sauce will pour out if you hold the burger in a weird angle and stick to your hands the way my nephews stick to me when I have fairy floss.

Whoever doubted my ability to get Hot Chicks never envisioned that I’d be simply ordering them off the menu one day.

brewristas matcha
Game set matcha: Matcha frappe with matcha buttons, pocky and a wafer straw

The brainchild of instaiablyhungry and jess.xv; this is the ultimate combination of matcha delights. It’s like the green tea version of the Justice League. The matcha frappe is Superman, providing the leadership and a platform for all the other aspects to shine. There’s the ever-reliable wafer straw and pocky aka Wonderwoman who’s undeniably tasty and isn’t in danger of losing its appeal if kryptonite ever comes along. Round it out is the fan favourite matcha button aka Batman standing at the top and serving as the most popular item and symbol of the League.

….ok, that paragraph was a bit of a stretch. Even if this drink isn’t the Justice League, it’d be an absolute injustice if you didn’t give it a shot.


brewristas matcha latte
I’m sorry if that was a latte to process

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who once asked me for a cappuccino without caffeine:

– Asta la (brew)rista, baby.

– Bring a crew and pig out on the porky…pig

– Make sure you chick out the Hot Chicks….and the burger too.


Brewristas, Glebe

73 Glebe Point Road

Opening Hours:
Monday to Thursday: 8am to 5pm
Friday: 8am to midnight
Saturday: 9am to midnight
Sunday: 9am to 5pm

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