Well Co, Glebe

There are a lot of random things I want in life.

I want a premium bath robe like the ones they provide in hotels (every hotel in the world has just been flagged that I am a likely robe thief), I want a mini fridge for my bedroom (so that I never have to leave it except for when I use the bathroom) and I also want an incredibly warm welcome home.

Let’s not get it twisted, my parents always say hello but I want the entire shebang. I want “Welcome Back” to be blaring through the speakers and I want the entire cast of Bring it On to be waving their pom poms and cheering my slow walk into the house.

Yes, that may be a tad unrealistic. Instead of a warm well-come…I’ll settle for the warm confines of Well Co in Glebe.

well co glebe Well Co is  a cosy cafe located on Glebe Point Road. With an outdoor seating area as well as an upstairs section, it resembles a home or a quaint library more than an eatery.

With plenty of competition on this stacked strip, it’s incredibly hard to stand out. Good thing Well Co does everything…..well.

well co glebe
If you look closely, you’ll spot Harry Potter’s Privett Drive residence.

Let’s not d-well (co) on the interior and get to the food shall we?

Let’s start with a green tea latte:

green tea latte
Green tea latte

I love green tea very matcha.

So I decided to forego my daily coffee on this particular visit and reacquaint myself with something green (my nutritionist says I don’t consume enough greens which is also why I bought a box of green tea flavoured Kit Kats).

This latte is quite milky and the green tea flavouring is quite subtle. Great for a cold winter day and even better in summer when you want to pour something over your bad date.

smoked salmon scrambled eggs
Smoked salmon scrambled eggs with chives, onion and served on toast

Deceptively simple, this dish is packed with flavour. The smoked salmon’s richness is accentuated by the creaminess of the scrambled eggs. The onions and chives serve to enhance the runny scramble eggs and to provide a mix-up in the overall consistency of the dish.

eggs bennedict well co cafe
Eggs Benny Our Way: Wilted spinach, bacon and home-made creamy hollandaise sauce.

Just look at the way the yolk oozes out of the egg. You’d be surprised how often I poke and prod at an egg only to be met with the disappointment of a hard boiled centre.

The yolk blends with the creamy hollandaise sauce and adds a layer of liquid delight to the crispy bacon underneath. I’m not a huge fan of wilted spinach but it really had a chance to shine amongst its contemporaries here as it absorbed all of the other flavours in play. On the day, it was more Wilt Chamberlain than wilted spinach.

salmon lover well co
Salmon lover: Smoked salmon marinated in garlic infused olive oil and dill served with poached eggs, hash brown and creamy lemon sauce

You know that joke you make whenever you see a street that bears your name? Example: “Heh, you guys better tread lightly on Isaac Street because I’ve been stomped on before.”

Ok…not much of a joke.

The point is, I saw a dish named salmon lover and thought to myself “hey, that’s me!”

Which is why it was ordered.

Anywho, the real MVP of this dish was the crispy hash brown. I haven’t had a McBreakfast in a while so the crunchy golden brown exterior playing home to the soft white potato really hit the spot.

moroccan hot pot well co
Moroccan Hot Pot: tomato and chorizo stew with eggplant, poached egg, dukkah and Danish feta served with garlic toast

This is one of my favourite dishes within the Sydney cafe scene. Correction, this is one of my favourite pots within the Sydney cafe scene (heh).

Look chorizo, eggs and eggplant are three of my favourite foods. You throw that in a stew infused with dukkah and tomato AND offer a side of garlic toast? This is as close to perfection as it gets for me.

It’s full of love and is the culinary equivalent of that warm fuzzy feeling. It gives you a hug, it tucks you in and it kisses you on the forehead whilst rubbing your belly. It’s the quintessential winter warmer dish and it consistently (mo)roccs my world.

One more time
One more time

Here’s the TL;DR for all the people that s-well with joy every time they see a new iFat post

– Making your day/night a little better with each paragraph. You’re well-come.

– Well Co is so cosy that falling asleep on the couch is as likely as I am to finish this post off with a poorly planned analogy.

– You know what the Moroccan Hot Pot reminds me of? Survivor. Why you ask? It’s never disappointing and it’s reliably entertaining….that was a bit of a stretch.

Well Co, Glebe

35 Glebe Point Road

Opening Hours:
Open 7 days from 7:30am to 10:30pm

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