Wedge Espresso, Glebe

I’m going to forget a lot of things when I’m old and grey. Whoops, I meant I’m going to continue forgetting things as I continue getting older and greyer. I’ll probably remember the big moments (my nephews being born, my graduations, the time I finally caught every Pokémon in existence) but a lot of the random moments of happiness will slip through the cracks.

– That time I didn’t get picked up from school on time and stayed in the playground with my friends and pretending to work at a restaurant that served potent mixtures of asphalt and soil.
– Finding 7 nuggets in a 6 pack (and saying farewell to my 6 pack)
– When I finally caught every Pokémon in existence (yes, this warranted a double mention).
Oh and that time my local burger joint said I could replace my fries with wedges. WHOA, what an answer! I love wedges!

You know what else I love? Wedge Espresso in Glebe.

wedge espresso glebe

Located just off Glebe Point Road, the Wedge espresso is a literal hole in the wall that is almost never empty. It’s like the exact opposite of my eventual book signing where even my own mother won’t show up (she’ll say it’s because she doesn’t read English novels but we all know it’s because she’s still mad at the fact that I’m not a doctor).

wedge espresso glebe

Serving cafe classics with a twist, let’s go ABC for a bit and round the twist.

Let’s start here:

wedge espresso breakkie salad
Breakie salad with grilled autumn greens, multi grain free range egg, prosciutto and ricotta with pepita & basil dressing and toasted sourdough

It’s a salad, how good can it be?

Turns out it’s pretty good. Gotta give a shout out to how well the eggs are cooked with half done yolks that still have that orange glow as opposed to the dusty yellow of hard boiled eggs (I’m going to be so mad when my grandkids call me dusty yellow). My love for broccolini will never be diminished, same with my strong feelings for kale.

I would  get locked up in kale for some kale of this quality.


wedge espresso short rib bun
BBQ short rib bun with provolone, pickled red onion and Hipster coffee BBQ sauce

Yes, this looks super rich with fatty short rib and rich BBQ sauce but it resembles a slider more than a burger. I could totally shovel this down and still have room for a sandwich (more on this later). I like the soft and slightly charred bun and would love a full sized version absolutely soaked with more provolone cheese and BBQ sauce.

wedge espresso ham and cheese
Double smoked ham toastie with tomato chutney and cheddar

A common denominator in all of Wedge’s sandwiches is a dash of salt and pepper on the uppermost slice. It’s really simple but adds that extra bit of flavour. It also fills the natural cracks in the bread so it doesn’t get in the way. Let’s get more specific, the ham and cheese toastie is exactly that. Just some tasty smoked ham with stringy cheese and chutney.

I don’t need this to be fancy, you already know.

wedge espresso pulled pork sandwich
Texan style slow cooked pulled pork with apple and kimchi slaw on a seeded roll

Yes, yes I do go to Wedge a lot and I’ll be going back again for this awesome porked sandwich. The seeded bread that the tender pork and crunchy slaw is encased in is a fantastic host. It’s like someone on Airbnb decided to leave you a winning lottery ticket on your pillow, some brisket in the oven and a fridge full of ice cold Red Bull; the bread was that good of a host and I’m so glad I got to eat its guests.

wedge espresso the henry
‘The Henry’: smashed egg, double smoked ham, avocado, cheddar, chipotle mayo and greens on a toasted panini

The Henry is not just a sandwich. It’s an institution.

Was that hyperbole? You’d probably think that if you haven’t had it before but then you do and you’re ready to go to war bearing the flag of this particular sandwich.

Let’s start with the smoky ham used in the toastie, let’s throw in the oozy yolk used in the breakfast salad and how about some of Wedge’s signature fresh bed to house it all in? Not good enough? Ok, f*ck it let’s throw in some avocado, cheddar, chipotle mayo and some greens as well.

And that’s it for my Wedge review make sure to tune in next we-Wait.

Do you hear that?


wedge espresso grumpy donuts
Grumpy Donuts in the building!

One of the newest contenders for the coveted title of best donuts in Sydney, Grumpy Donuts is one of my absolute favourites. They provide donuts to Wedge Espresso on Fridays but they disappear faster than I do whenever a girl asks me if I’ve thought about marriage.

Ok, that was a joke, no one ever asks me if I’ve thought about marriage.

Donuts though? They’re not a joke. I’d go in-depth breaking them all down (my favourites are the berry crunch and the maple bacon that isn’t pictured) but my buddy Raff wrote a post on them so just head on over to Ramen Raff.

Seriously though, be quick cause these holes ain’t loyal and they’ll just run off with whoever gets to Wedge first.

wedge espresso coffee
Oh yeah, the coffee’s pretty good too

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone that wants to hit me across the head with a wedge-hammer:

– Sorry Mum, never wanted to be a doctor unless you count Dr. Doom.

– Something I didn’t mention; when you sit on the ledge at wedge you’ll feel the wrath of the sun’s sledge and you’ll be pushed to the edge. Translation, you should bring sunglasses.

– Can’t go wrong with any of the sandwedges on offer. Heh.


Wedge Espresso, Glebe

53-55 Glebe Point Road

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 7:00am to 4:00pm
Sunday: 8:00am to 3:00pm

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