Kim Restaurant, Potts Point

You know who I have nothing but respect for?

Khloe Kardashian.

You see, the thing about Kendall is that she just capitalised upon a situation where most people would just stick their heads in the sand. A family member has a tape exposed (heh) to the public about some shenanigans and suddenly she becomes one of the most famous women in the world. That’s not how my girl Kourtney saw it, she was like “here’s my chance to work on a fashion label, marry an NBA player and even get my own TV show.”

She probably goes to bed every night whispering “thanks Kim, thanks for everything.”

Which is exactly what I said after I left Kim restaurant in Potts Point.

kim restaurant

Located in Potts Point, Kim Restaurant is about as easy to find as a 7 footer who’s never been asked if he plays basketball.  The lovely annachaannn got lost a couple of times and ended up circling the block like someone trying to find an item in K-Mart who refuses to ask the staff for help. Finding the place is like getting to the end of Super Mario, finding the princess and NOT being told she’s in the other castle.

Specialising in contemporary Korean cuisine, Kim shines through the gamut of KBBQ, fried chicken and ddukkbokki establishments with remixes of old staples (for the record, I f*cking love KBBQ, fried chicken and ddukkbokki).

ddukbokki kim restaurant
Spicy ddukbokki with pork floss

I told you I love ddukkbokki.

For the uninitiated, Ddukkbokki is a really fun way to say rice cake in Korean. Glazed with a mild chilli sauce, the ddukkbokki was slightly crispy on the outside with a soft middle. The pork floss didn’t manage to make much of an impression in the face of the sauce but its texture was definitely felt with every bite.

kim restaurant beef
Tang Tang Yeokhwe: Spicy raw beef,octopus,pear, egg yolk

Beef tartare will always remind me of Mr Bean (if you have no idea what I’m referencing, prepare for the best five minutes of your life with this CLIP). Fortunately for me, I enjoyed this dish a lot more than old Beanie.

It’s served with some seaweed that lets you create little sushi rolls. The seaweed is fantastic as it is quite crunchy and well seasoned. The beef is a complex mix of sweet and spicy which I loved. The multiple flavours (as well as textures) in play made this one of my favourite dishes on the night.

Like me, it may not look like much, but give me a chance and I’ll make it worth your while.

kim restaurant pancake
Haemul Pajeon: Pancake with squid and prawns

When the word pancakes are uttered, most people associate that with hot cakes at breakfast drizzled with maple syrup with maybe some ice cream and strawberries on the side. Perhaps served to you in bed by a smoking hot Brazilian girl you married because you founded Google.

Whoops, thought this was my dream journal again.

So er…Korean pancakes are a tad different. Instead of being fluffy and sweet, try something crispy and savoury with a generous amount of seafood. The pancake batter was quite light as it was quite easy to separate and served to highlight the flavours of all the seafood. The accompanying soy sauce’s sweetness was a great complement as well.

Yangnyum tonk dak: Korean fried chicken wings smothered in BBQ sauce
Yangnyum tonk dak: Korean fried chicken wings smothered in BBQ sauce

The wings were absolutely drenched in Kim’s deceptively hot BBQ sauce. I was tearing up because I was so happy to be sinking my teeth into the wings and also because I was losing all feeling in my tongue. The batter was still relatively crunchy considering how they were smothered in the sauce.

Anywho, the chefs at Kim are now known as Red Bull because they gave me wings. Heh.

kim restaurant waffles
Hodogwaja: Waffles,walnut praline,chestnut and popcorn brittle

There was more going on here than in Game of Thrones (GoT). Just like GoT, I could barely name all the characters in play but I knew something awesome was happening right before my eyes. Every bite I took felt different from the one that followed, it was amazing. It was like going from Tyrion to Khaleesi to Arya to one of the old white guys within a span of five minutes.

The waffle component was fluffy and reminiscent of the egglettes you can get off food carts in Hong Kong. I loved all the random fruits in play as the sour component was really different from everything else we had on the night. Oh and the popcorn brittle really made the dessert…pop.

I’m sorry.

kim-potts-point (3)

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone else that fell in love with Kim and didn’t ask Jay to drop him from the team

– Some say there are still folks trying to find Kim Restaurant in the greater Potts Point area.

– Please, please watch the Mr Bean clip if you haven’t watched it yet. Even if you’ve bean there and done that, you should watch it again

– You’ve gotta order the wings, tartare and pancakes. I am pretty sure it pan cake you happy. Heh.


Kim Restaurant, Potts Point

Shop 7, Llankelly Place (located in the same building as Harris Farm Markets)

Opening Hours:

Monday – Saturday: 5PM to 10PM

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