Vic’s Meat Market, Pyrmont

The Sydney Fish Markets are renowned across the country as one of the premiere spots to get ahold of some fresh seafood. Restraunteurs, chefs and tourists alike all flock to its location by the water in Pyrmont to get ahold of succulent prawns, the finest cuts of tuna and an assortment of crustaceans just waiting to be devoured.

Me? I’m not a normal guy.

I went to the fish markets to get meat.

More specifcally, I went to an office meat-up at Vic’s Meat Market.


Vic’s Meat Market is a carnivore’s dream come true. With a range of meat from marbled wagyu, succulent ribs and chickens that weren’t quick enough to escape during the chicken run; carnivores will definitely be able to get their fill of protein at this waterside location.

vics meat market
If you look closely, you’ll see the best food blogger in Sydney. Oh and you’ll see Chocolatesuze as well.

Let’s meat the food now shall we?

Smoked chicken wings
Smoked chicken wings

I love wings. I feel like Red Bull’s marketing team knew this when they developed the slogan. I’m still trying to kick my addiction.

Anywho,  the wings at Vic’s were awesome. They’re incredibly smoky and tender and the bone just twists away, leaving you with a lovely bit of chicken meat that you can dip into the provided wing sauce.

Red Bull may not actually give you wings, but I’m glad Vic’s does.

Lamb cutlets
Lamb cutlets

I really enjoyed the spices that laced the lamb. The meat itself was also quite fatty and you know there are few things I like more than a fatty.

Wait, that didn’t come out right.

Beef brisket sandwich
Beef brisket sandwich with slaw

I loved this.

Let’s move on. I want to establish a brisk pace.

….Just kidding, as per usual here’s a long winded analogy which I’ve already summed up with “I loved this.” I really enjoyed the milk bun used for all the burgers/sandwiches. It was very soft but resilient and didn’t turn to mush because of the juices flowing inside. The slaw added a great crunch to the smoky brisket. If you’re fortunate to snare a fatty piece of brisket, savour the last bite of pure fat as it just melts away and sends you to flavourtown.

vics meat market smoked wagyu cheese burger
Smoked Wagyu Cheese Burger

This is the main reason I was looking forward to visiting Vic’s. I mean….smoked wagyu cheese burger? Those are four of my favourite words. They’re right up there with “there’s still some pizza.”

I really enjoyed the sauce that was painted on top of the wagyu patty. Speaking of the patty; the patty’s texture is unlike anything I’ve ever encountered before. It’s a tad rubbery (in a weirdly good way) and kinda bouncy. It’s almost artificial but I don’t care. I really, really don’t care if they’re real or fake. I just care that they’re bouncing in my mouth.

Huh. That didn’t sound perverted in my mind.

Pork ribs with slaw
Pork ribs with slaw

I love pork ribs so much. It’s one of my favourite meats, right up there with fried chicken, braised pork belly and the day I finally meat my beloved Anna Kendrick. These ribs were cooked beautifully with the soft meat just falling off the bone.

I would’ve loved an additional coat of sauce; I would’ve pigged out even harder but I guess it was my fault that I didn’t ask for some. It’s just not my sty-le.

vics meat market menu
What’s a salad?

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone else that thought this was the most succinct I’ve ever been:

– Come for seafood, get lost in meat.

– Go for the chicken and the brisket sandwich!

– I’m still mad at Chocolatesuze for not ordering a double smoked cheeseburger.


Vic’s Meat Market, Pyrmont
Cnr Pyrmont Bridge Rd And Bank St Sydney Nsw 2009
Right near the car park entrance of the Sydney Fish Markets

Opening Hours:
Monday to Sunday:
11:00am to 3:00pm

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