Beyond the Food with the Girls Who Ate the World

Say what you will about Beyonce but she’s as much of a teacher as she is an entertainer. She taught me that no one was irreplaceable, she taught me that if you liked it than you should’ve put a ring on it, she taught me that people will love you if you say yes all the time and turn on you the moment you say no and she taught me that girls run the world.

Who runs the world? Girls?

Who ate the world? Girls.

Wait what? Right, today I finally revive everyone’s favourite Sydney Food Blogger interview series ‘Beyond the Food’ by having a chat to Angela, Stacy and Victoria from The Girls Who Ate the World.

Let’s begin:

the girls who ate the world
Because people usually begin with breakfast…heh.

Isaac: Ange, let’s start with you. how did the three of you come together and start the blog?

Ange:  It started because I met Stace one unfortunate day at uni. I had just started creating a tumblr for my backlog of photos, and we started talking and found out we were both fat inside. So we decided to start something. My sister joined on soon after! P.s. please let me know if i’m going into verbal diarrhoea zone. I tend to do that.

Isaac: It’s ok, I used to work at a cinema. I am quite experienced in dealing with diarrhoea 

Ange: LOL! I’m hoping not your own

Isaac: You know what they say…when sh*t hits the fan, someone call Isaac to come clean it up.

Ange: Really now? Well then, I’ll keep you in mind.

Isaac: Anywho, Stacy, how would you describe everyone’s role on the blog?

Stacy: Ange is definitely the bossy one. She takes awesome photos and is probably the most organised. Victoria (Toz) is the baker and I appreciate her for that. I did the Anzac tart and decided that was enough baking for me. I’m probably more of the floater, I do a bit of everything, but at the moment most of my focus is on expanding our Instagram.

I have a feeling their IG account will be doing just fine.
I have a feeling their IG account will be doing just fine.

Isaac: Speaking of expansion.  I feel like you guys are incredibly under the radar right now. Where do you see the blog going? Any chance we get the girls who ate the universe by 2017?

Stacy: To be perfectly honest we see the blog going the way of our bellies, outwards and limited only by the laws of gravity. We’ll get back to you about the universe but for the time being, we’re perfectly happy conquering the world one meal at a time

Isaac: Continuing with the under the radar shtick, what are some other blogs/IG accounts that you guys are fans of that you don’t feel anyone really talks about?

Stacy/Ange: I am a huge fan of green_evi. She has awesome healthy recipes, I wish I could cook as well as her! jess.xv.v is also another fave. Her photography and home cooking always looks appetising

Their photography is pretty amazing too
Their photography is pretty amazing too

Isaac: Ange/Vic I love the fact that you guys are sisters. Can you guys share a favourite story about your family involving food?

Angela/Toz: Oh dear, I’d have to say that our favourite story would revolve around our dad and food! When we were young, he used to invent this alter ego known to us in Cantonese as ‘fay lau shuk shuk’ – translation, the fat old man. This was no ordinary man though as Dad claimed that he would feel the stomach of any person leaving the table place and if not 100% full, wouldn’t let us play.. I guess the fatherly equivalent of ‘No Fat, No Play’. As evident, this contributed to our absolute gluttony with food (and irrational need to eat to bursting point)!

Isaac: Your dad sounds awesome, I’ll have to schedule an interview with him too. Beyond the food with the dad who created the girls who ate the world

This cake by Toz has more layers than me during winter except it's way prettier and probably tastier too
This cake by Toz has more layers than me during winter except it’s way prettier and probably tastier too

Isaac: Ready for the lightning round, ladies? This one’s for all of you, which Hogwarts house would you be in and why?

Ange: Hufflepuff. Haha! because I just passed the laptop to Stace without answering the second part of your question!

Stacy: Slytherin. Ange and Vic underestimate me. I’m actually the puppet master pulling the strings.

Toz: To anyone that’ll listen, I’ll vehemently insist that I’m a Griffindor but if I were truthful, I’d say Hufflepuff. I’m kind of a chump, get lost on a daily basis and suck at life skills but I mean well

Isaac: Favourite song to drive to?

Toz: Unfortunately (or fortunately for the pedestrians), I haven’t gotten my driver’s licence yet and don’t listen to music when I drive so I guess I’d have to say the sound of my mother screeching in my ear to go slower!

Ange:  I wouldn’t actually know! I drown out any song with the my inane singing and wrong lyrics. Of course, punctuated with dancing at the traffic lights. Roadtrip anyone?

Stacy:  I don’t have a favourite song to listen to I usually just blast my iPod that has an array of things from screamo/emo to 90’s tunes

I will go on the road trip if this is included
I will go on the road trip if this is included

Isaac: Vic, this one’s for you. What’s your favourite “Friends” episode?

Vic: Oooooh, does “PIVOT PIVOT PIVOTTTTTTT!!!” *shakes fist* ring a bell to you? That one or the London episodes when Ross and Emily have their wedding and Ross says Rachel’s name instead of Emily! Or the episode with Brad Pitt as the formerly overweight Will. I can’t choose, iFat! You’re a cruel man.

Isaac: I like the one where Rachel talks about Ross. Heh.

Vic: Haha, sorry I must have missed that one

Isaac: Another one for all of you, which fictional character do you most relate to and why?

Vic: Luna Lovegood! I’m a bit of an eccentric, dance like I’m conjuring spirits from beyond the grave and have a bit of a rebellious streak in me.

Ange: I’m probably Pumba if I’m going to be honest… I often eat far too much and go in to food coma, and am soon hungry again! I also find it hard to filter what I say and am often TMI! Stace and Toz are good at stopping me when I go too far.

Stacy: I’ve always related to Eeyore. I think I’m realistic and I like to move at my own pace

Isaac: Second last question! All time favourite iFat post?

Ange: This is funny! Stace and I have been fighting over the Belly Bao post you did recently as our favourite ones. We’ve both been dying to go there!

Stacy: I love your writing and how it’s light hearted and funny. The pictures you took look amazingg

Vic: Oh gosh, it’s honestly a toss-up between the Devon on Danks post and the Best Gelato in Sydney post. I’m going to have to give it to Devon though for the incredible photos (doesn’t hurt that the food is so damn photogenic) but A+++ respect for bringing your eating game 100% of the time

Isaac: Last question, if the moon is made up of cheese, what will the world taste like when you guys finally get around to eating it?

Ange: We think the world would taste like a gobstopper, but it won’t stop us from breaking our teeth trying to eat it!

Isaac: I’m going to take that as a sign to stop my gob.

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