Beyond the Food with Dessertified

For most dudes, you stop making more male friends at around 23. Don’t ask me how I got there, it was wisdom imparted upon me from my brother in law and I trust him because he’s rocking a killer beard right now.

Honestly? My male friends have been around the same since I finished high school.

I have a buddy who I always get rides off of even though I’ve had my own license for the past two years.

There’s the bro who only ever calls me after a break up (his break ups, you actually need to date to be in relationships so I can’t be this type of bro for anyone).

There’s the bro who only posts food photos on Instagram, complains about his life struggles and makes really obnoxious Dad jokes (oh snap, that’s me).

My foray into food blogging has granted me a lot of things (extra weight, the one t-shirt I had made) as well as a few brand new bros.

Here’s an interview with one such bro, my homie and friend Johnny from Dessertified:

Johnny from Dessertified

Isaac: How’d you get into food blogging?

Johnny: Well I used to work with Phil from Philsosophyy and was somewhat inspired by the world of blogging about food. However I wanted to be different, I wanted to stand out and I realised that I had more of a sweet tooth than a man usually does. I also did some research and discovered that there weren’t many, if any, dessert-centric food blogs. So I started off with my phone and tested the waters, and then really got interested by the whole world of dessert Sydney has to offer

Isaac: What’s a philsosophyy?

Johnny: Other than a few spelling errors, I guess it’s a big fat ‘welcome to the world of Phil’

Speaking of big fat…check out this big fat gelato filled brioche bun

Isaac: Sounds like empty calories. What do you feel is an underexplored ingredient when it comes to desserts?

Johnny: Cronuts? Hahaha I kid. I’d say herbs and spices, particularly chilli. I think there’s a hell of a lot of potential, and man, I love my chilli.

Isaac: That’s hot. How would you work chilli into a dessert?

Johnny: Kind of like a sneaky attack from Freiza when your back is turned. A nice little surprise. I had this Gelato once from Sparrow in Crows Nest that was called chilli chocolate. You take one spoonful and admire the beauty of belgium chocolate carressing your palette, then BANG, the chilli smacks you like a cold winter’s day.

Isaac: Was it hot and cold like Katy Perry? Or fireworks like Katy Perry?

Johnny: I think it had a better Idea of how it performed than Perry’s lyrics

Isaac: Yo damn…speaking of hot desserts, if you had to create a dinner made solely of desserts, what would the three courses (entree, main, dessert) consist of?

Johnny: I’d start off with something quite light, crispy and not that sweet at all but enough to tease and warm up the palette. I’d then follow that up with something completely sugar-ific, particularly chocolate based with strong notes of hazelnut. The texture would be something like a pancake, heavy but not too heavy and greater than waffles because I’m making it k just calm down. And then I’d end with something fruity and refreshing, the type that would bring memories of summer back because the weather really sucks right now.

Yo Adrian, hire this man.

Isaac: Sucking like Katy’s lyrics right?

Johnny: Was there like a 40 minute Katy Perry List playing today that I luckily missed?

Isaac: That’s just my commute to work, homie.

Johnny: Way to roar

Isaac: You do savoury Saturdays/Sundays. What do you think of Flirty Fridays where you suggest dessertified date spots for the lovelorn and the folks needing a bit of inspiration?

Johnny: Haha that’s a great Idea, I was thinking of doing something similar but I have a level of consistency of uploading desserts, so that my followers don’t unfollow me for all the threats to their dieting attempts

Isaac: Bro, I need help, man. Johnny, please.

It’s not just desserts with this man

Isaac: Ready for the lighting round?

Johnny: Ooh ok

Isaac: Did the Akon/Kylian Mash song Club Certified have any influence on your eventual IG handle/Blog name?

Johnny: Noooo but omg I love that song!

Isaac:Favourite DBZ moment?

Johnny: Majin Vegeta v Goku

Isaac: Where/when were you last deserted by a homie?

Johnny: Damn I actually can’t remember, the hoes are pretty loyal

Isaac: Favourite iFat post?

Johnny: Mister Gee Burger Truck. Dem feels.

Isaac:Last question, Sweetest thing you’ve ever done for a significant other?

Johnny: Spent 4 hours at Miranda Westfield shopping for all her favourite things for Christmas, which included smashing my nose full of scents and making intense and risky decisions on things she might like, such as which Tea from Tea2

Isaac: Sweet


Follow my homie on his blog, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Look out for his dope dessert special coming out whenever a restaurant realised that the idea is dessertiifed.

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