Brewtown Newtown

I like to branch out and visit hidden gems and shed a little spotlight on some of the lesser known eateries that Sydney has to offer. Sure, even the most popular spots could use a second opinion but I rather be the first voice to sing the praises of an establishment I have an affinity for. I’m like a lifeguard doing the morning shift at Bondi Beach, I just like planting my flag before anyone else does.

Which is what brings me to a little known cafe by the name of Brewtown in Newtown.

Brewtown Newtown

Yes, I know I’m full of sh*t. Brewtown Newtown has established itself as one of the most popular cafes in all of Sydney with one of a kind menu offerings and they’re famous brewnuts. Keeping in line with the usual iFat policy of visiting a place way after it got popular, I finally found the time to visit Brewtown with a couple of non-food blogging homies that wondered why I couldn’t simply caption every food photo with “nom nom” and “this is amaze.”

On second thought, that’d make my job way easier.

Brewtown Newtown
Poor homies

My friends and I got there at about 9:30 and we immediately got a table cause one of the waiters was a fan of mine and kicked a poor family off of their table to accommodate the wishes of the guy who once compared the buns at Momofuku to Jennifer Lopez’s backside.

….ok, that didn’t happen. We arrived at 9:30 just as another party of three was leaving and we were fortunate enough to get those seats. I recommend going as early as possible or you’ll be standing outside thinking of all the poor decisions you’ve made in your life.

Let’s get to some of the good decisions I made on the day:

Corned beef hash with garden peas, poached egg and parmesan crumbs
Corned beef hash with garden peas, poached egg and parmesan crumbs

I don’t want to get all corny on you (well, not any more so than usual) but this was easily the best corned beef dish I’ve ever had the pleasure of sampling. Let’s ignore the fact that I’ve never had corned beef before, I still think I’m perfectly qualified to make that statement because I used to be called a cow in my younger (and much heavier days).

The beef was quite salty but not to the point in which you’d be tempted to rinse it off with the provided water (sidenote: Brewtown offers complementary sparkling water. I feel like you need to know these things). The eggs were poached to perfection as a slight prod of a fork resulted in a slow trickle of golden egg yolk. The dynamic mixture of textures on display were awesome. You’ve got the tender beef, with the runny yolk as well as parmesan crumbs and crunchy lettuce.

Awesome stuff, can’t wait to come back for moo-re.

brewtown newtown tuna
Rare sesame crust yellow fin tuna,cucumber and seaweed salad, wasabi mayonnaise

This was my favourite dish of the morning and only partially because I chose it myself.

I don’t care about looks very much (I care about her personalities size, I mean personalities, I mean f*ck) but this dish is just immaculately presented. I love the swabs of wasabi mayonnaise that serve as a pseudo fortress and also how the tuna is gently resting on top of the refreshing seaweed and cucumber salad. The real MVP of this dish was the wasabi mayo. It enhanced all the other key ingredients in the dish. The mayo is very creamy and the wasabi flavour is extremely subtle. The tuna itself was also very tender and served as a great utensil to have with the salad and mayonnaise brewed by the Gods.

Anyone who doesn’t like this dish is fishy in my books.

brewtown elvis burger
Elvis burger. ground beef, savory brewnut, canadian bacon, gruyere and mayo served with chips and relish

This burger shouldn’t work. On paper, it joins chicken & waffles, ramen burgers and balut (if you don’t know what this is, please don’t Google it) as one of those dishes that don’t work in theory. However, we eat in restaurants and not in theory. The cronut serves as a deep fried bun housing an amazing beef patty as well as some premium bacon.

Look, you’re going to feel like one of the before models in a Weight Watchers advertisement if you manage to finish this by yourself. My best friend actually did finish it and she begged for me to carry her around on my back for the rest of the day because she just couldn’t move anymore. Oh and the chips are big enough to serve as pillars for all of the upcoming apartment complexes being built across Sydney.

Oh you think we’re done? Not even close.

brewtown cronut
Cinammon Brewnut

I told people on my Facebook page that I’d be retiring from food blogging if I didn’t get to try one of these bad boys before the year was over. I left it a little late but better late than never.

I’ve been to some other cafes that stocked Brewtown’s brewnuts but they had nowhere near as much cinnamon as the one that was given to us at Brewtown. Maybe the cinnamon coating slowly eroded during transit or something. Anywho, this brewnut has been well documented so I just thought I’d add that tidbit about the cinnamon. It’s donut exterior housed the a flaky interior that you associate with croissants. Not as buttery as a croissant but I enjoyed it nonetheless.

Brewtown Chocolate Brewnut
Chocolate Brewnut

I was wondering why Brewtown didn’t call these Bronuts and then it smacked me in the face. Don’t ever ask a girl out and ask her to sample some bronuts. It won’t work….and if it does? You have yourself a keeper, my friend.

The dark chocolate coating on top of the brewnut was very rich and probably should donate some of its wealth to a charitable cause. It was very tasty but I was still laughing at my realisation about why no one had ever thought to call these baked goods “bronuts.”


Here’s the TL;DR for the three people that laughed at my bronuts line:

– Brewtown Newtown is one of Sydney’s most well-loved cafes and it has earned that affection wholeheartedly.

– Get the tuna. I know they say there are plenty of fish in the sea but let’s be real. There’s clearly something wrong with you if you’re still in the sea now.

– Try the bronuts. Heh.

brewtown newtown

Brewtown, Newtown

6-8 O’Connell Street, Newtown (just off King Street)

Opening Hours:
Open 7 days from 8am to 4pm

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