Devon on Danks, Waterloo

It’s only been four months since I wrote about Devon Cafe and my morning routine is completely different to the one I described back then.

I think the blonde woman who was always running late has been fired.

The couple that was once on and off are now completely off. I still see the guy every now and then and he’s slimmed down a lot as he’s re-entered the singles’ jungle.

The girl with the big headphones has now ditched her headphones and dons smart, business attire on her commute to walk. She still nods at me whenever we cross each other’s paths but it’s different now.

The cute Korean girl has disappeared into the ether just like all the other girls I never had a chance to talk to. Another one has passed me by and I didn’t even raise a finger to offer any semblance of resistance.

Never again. This is why I went to seize the moment when I heard Devon opened another branch on Danks Street.

I’m not letting this one go…you can take that to the Dank.

Devon on Danks coffee
This is what I call the Eilxrr shot.

Devon on Danks takes over where Danks Street Diner used to be and brings with it a number of new dishes from the from the crew behind the original cafe on Devonshire street. Going into it, I thought of the two cafes like a really good joke (aka my romantic life). A great joke will be hilarious (or in this case: delicious) the first time and still be side-splitting (still delicious) no matter what context, situation or location you bring it up again.

Seriously though, Devon on Danks’ food is no joke.

devon on danks little lost bread
Little lost bread: Brioche French toast with strawberries, balsamic and strawberry gastrique, strawberry cheesecake ice cream and arnott’s biscuit crumble

Little known fact about me: I don’t have a huge appetite and this is extremely apparent in the morning. I’m just not designed to have breakfast; I’m like an old car that needs a lot of time to warm up before I’m ready to go. Thanks to Devon intervention, my body was bready for all the food that was to come. I also had a little bit (and by that I mean a lot) of help in the form of my homies Michael from I’m Still Hungry and Samantha from Samanthawxlow.

Ok, back to the food:

Living up to its name, the little lost bread wandered up to our table before our savoury dishes arrived. I normally don’t care about looks (I care about your personalities, baby) but this slice of brioche just looks divine.

The brioche toast is nice, fluffy and not inundated with sugar. The main source of sweetness was the scoop of strawberry cheesecake ice cream that caressed the face of the bread. It was awesome, the flavour and texture was very similar to Ben & Jerry’s strawberry cheesecake variety which made me fall in love with cheesecake way back in the day. I know it looks like it’s incredibly sweet but all in all its actually quite subtle.

Devon’s French toast doesn’t make you feel like you should sign up for three marathons, join yogalates and hire a personal trainer; I mean you could do all those things and probably have this some more but still. It’s rare that a food item looks this good and tastes even better.

devon on danks green eggs and ham
Dr Seuss’s green egg and ham with thick cut bacon, crispy potato, 63 degree egg, green tomato ketchup, pea puree, soybeans, pea tendrils and puree

Look, a lot of people like thin, crispy bacon and that’s cool. Me?

I like them thick.

You cut your bacon thick, leave that layer of fat on and then slap it on top of some killer potato hash,  a premium 63 degree egg with yolk that’s just begging to be unleashed and you also make it green to appeal to the fact that I’m an easily impressed child? Awesome.

Let me talk about the bacon a bit more. It’s quite a large dosage of fat which I am a fan of but might not appeal to everyone. It’s like seeing an iFat post on your newsfeed three times a week, some might like it but other’s might just find it a tad sickening? Me, I’d just digest it all in one sitting and smile happily afterwards.

Heh, am I bacon you jealous? Gotta grab this dish and pig out.

devon on danks soft shell crab roll
Soft shell crab roll with sichmi pepper, wasabi mayo, tobiko, nori, pickled cucumber, daikon, carrot and shiso

If you ever go to Devon on Danks (you should) and order this, pay attention to the staff member as they bring this towards you. The soft shell crab roll resembles a ship with edible masts gliding towards on you on a wooden board ready to invade and settle in your stomach. I was a big fan of the roll that encased the diverse mix of ingredients. It was soft, buttery and I would love to nestle myself between it’s warm embrace.

The soft shell crab was encased in a light and crunchy batter; I’m never a fan of fried foods with a big coating of batter so this was nice. I really enjoyed the punch that the sichmi pepper offered and there were a tonne of fresh and vibrant flavours in the mix.

It didn’t blow me away but maybe it was because I still had some thick cut bacon within arm’s length.

devon on danks pork floss cronut
Pork floss cronut with sweet mayo

I had my first cronut three weeks  ago. My first time was gentle, sweet and it was all over in a few bites.

The second time around? My dining companions and I just went in and tore the cronut up. Devon’s take on cronuts was quite different to the one I had initially. This cronut resembled a croissant way more than the first one I had and I think I might prefer the savoury version of this hybrid dessert. Also, I loved the flaky nature of it. It reminded me off puff pastry and the sound it made when we were breaking it up was music to my ears.

A little back story: I LOVE pork floss. One of the first recipes I ever came up with consisted of steaming rice in my rice cooker, then sprinkling pork floss and soy sauce over the rice and then letting my sister slap me in the face so she’d fry me an egg to slap on top of it. I loved that meal, it was totally worth the red handprint on my right cheek.

This was an awesome cronut and as they say…it’s always better the second time ’round.


devon on danks salted caramel sundae
Salted caramel sundae with peanut butter crumble, raspberries coulis, banana, chopped nuts and black salt

Yeah, we have dessert after breakfast. What up?

I really liked the soft serve. It tasted kinda buttery, had a great creamy texture and definitely didn’t lack in the flavour compartment. The presence of the black salt injected an heavy dosage of sodium into every bite. This isn’t regular caramel flavoured ice cream masquerading as its salted relative, this is the real deal.

There was a nice equilibrium with this sundae as it would’ve been tough to consume if it was nothing but salty ice cream. Fortunately, it was balanced by the sweetness of the raspberry coulis and banana. Adding a fruity dynamic to everything (as well as the crunch of the chopped nuts) made me christen this sundae an “Everyday” cause I want to have it seven times  a week.

Who’s down?

devon on danks donuts
Danks In Donuts

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone that’s wondering if how long it’ll take before I say Dank you to all my readers…heh.

– I probably should’ve mentioned this in the body but you should probably go as early as possible! The three of us went as soon as it opened and it was completely full shortly after.

– Don’t be a lostie and just pick the little lost bread.

– Geniuses pick green. Pick the green eggs and ham.

– Devon, Dank you very much for a killer breakfast. Just like Arnie in Terminator; I’ll be back.


Devon on Danks, Waterloo

2 Danks Street, Waterloo

Opening Hours:

Monday – Wednesday

Thursday – Saturday


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