Burger Liquor Lobster, Paddington

2014 has been an absolutely incredible year for me.

However, I fear that when I look back upon this year I’ll forget many of the amazing things that happened. Sure, I’ll remember the big picture things but what about all the little things that have come together and made this the Dark Knight of my adult life?

Which is why I have to document something here that I just really want to remember in the future, an episode entitled the ‘Chicken Salvation.’

Here’s the story:

The boy was thirsty.

He opened the fridge to search for an appropriate thirst quencher. Unfortunately, he hadn’t been paid yet so all that was in the fridge were old bottles of spring water filled with boiled tap water.

Shrugging, the boy reached for the closest bottle.

Then all Hell broke loose. Unbeknownst to the boy, his roommate (ok, it was my mother. I just wanted to sound cool) had left a plate of chicken teetering on the backside of the bottle. As soon as the boy pulled the bottle out, the plate of chicken began its descent to the cold, hard, wooden floor threatening to shatter into a million pieces.

No. This wasn’t going to happen on the boy’s watch. With reflexes finetuned after years of dodging items thrown by schoolyard bullies and instincts honed from picking out trustworthy characters, the boy reacted. He extended his left hand and caught the plate.

No mess. No breaks. No tears.

And also…no witnesses

Yeah, that might might’ve been one of the most athletic moments of my entire life and there were no witnesses to my brilliance.

Speaking of something brilliant, Burger Liquor Lobster is something you should definitely witness:

The London Hotel
The London Hotel: Home of Burger Liquor Lobster.

Once upon a time, I gathered the Dragon Balls and Shenron told me that my wish for a girl that loves cricket, basketball and fried chicken were beyond his powers. So, I wished for a restaurant that served burger, lobster and plenty of alcohol so I could use my Jedi mind tricks to convince people that I was actually Han from the Fast and the Furious.

Fortunately, that wish was granted in the form of Burger Liquor Lobster. With two franchises across Sydney (the other being in Manly) specialising in killer burgers and seafood, I was so excited to visit with two of my blogging amigos Miguel from I’m Still Hungry and Samantha from Samanthawxlow.

Let’s sea some food shall we?

Popcorn lobster with lemon aioli
Popcorn lobster with lemon aioli

Remember how I told you I wasn’t a fan of popcorn in my Hartsyard review?

Yeah, that doesn’t apply when your popcorn is made with chunks of succulent lobster meat. With a light batter that allows the lobster’s natural flavours to shine through, this is a serious mistress that you should consider making your main squeeze. Speaking of, squeeze the lemon wedge all over these bad boys and smother them in the provided aioli. Creamy and rich, these two go together like me and my hypothetical cricket, basketball and fried chicken loving girl.

Only difference is that the lobster and aioli combo actually exists.

Burger Liqour Lobster soft shell crab burger
Soft shell crab burger with chilli singapore sauce and Asian slaw

I’ve had some soft shell crab burgers where the crab’s kinda fishy and takes away from it’s awesome texture and accompanying flavours. Not in this situation, the crab was incredibly crunchy and went well with the killer slaw. The surprising twist was the spicy factor. Using a Singaporean chilli sauce that synergises well with crabs of all nature.

Oh, gotta talk about the buns. The buns used at Burger Liquor Lobster are quite buttery, fluffy yet sturdy enough to encase their delicious fillings.

Let’s continue filling me up.

burger liqour lobster beef burger
Beef burger with smoked tomato chutney, cheddar, onions, pickles and American mayo

Not my favourite meal of the day but that’s because of it’s stellar sidekicks and not because it wasn’t great in its own right.

The bun to meat ratio was a tad strange but I suspect it’s more of a practicality (you know when you have fillings spilling out of your burger resulting in an extra side salad) issue than anything.

The beef patty had a nice smoky taste to it. It was kinda well done which contributed to the charred aspect of the patty and it worked pretty well for me. It also featured a great sour pickle and smooth mayo oozing out of the buns. Very solid burger that was overshadowed by it’s flashy companions.

Like this one:

burger liqour lobster lobster roll
Salt and pepper lobster, lemon aioli chives, red onion and iceberg lettuce

You know what popcorn lobster and I have in common?

We’re both honour roll. Heh. We’re also quite nice to look at and delicious.

One difference is that the rolls are infinitely more affordable (and available, sorry ladies) than I am. Take all of the amazing qualities that the popcorn lobster provides, slap them in a bun and smother them with absolutely delectable lemon aioli and you’ve got yourself an all timer. There’s plenty of lobster in the roll but it is slightly deceptive as the middle of the bun isn’t completely cut through so it gives a bready platform for the lobster nuggets to stunt on you. I’m not complaining, you can stunt all you want if you taste like that.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone hoping that this is my last post (sorry guys, I’ve got a lot left in the tank)

– The boy’s always thirsty. Heh.

– I may seem like I have tough exterior, but I’m just a soft shell guy hoping you take a bite.

– Don’t be shellfish and go with some buddies and share the glorious food at Burger Liquor Lobster.

Burger Liquor Lobster (Paddington)

85 Underwood Street, Paddington (inside the London Hotel)

Opening Hours (these are the London Hotel opening hours):

Mon: Midday – Midnight
Tue: Midday – Midnight
Wed: Midday – Midnight
Thu: Midday – Midnight
Fri: Midday – Midnight
Sat: Midday – Midnight
Sun: Midday – 10pm

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Normally, this is where I’d tell you to follow me and sh*t but let me put that on the backburner. I can’t believe I just reached 100 posts on my little food blog. I started this blog over a year ago with the sole intention of forcing some of the really bad bloggers into retirement. I had no idea I’d meet so many wonderful people, share so many experiences with folks that actually cared and gotten the opportunity to try so much wonderful food.

So here are just a handful of shout outs I have to give to everyone that helped me out along the way.

First and foremost, shout outs to Crystal from Delectably Degusting. Half these posts feature you, are inspired by you or remind me of you somehow and I’m glad we’re a part of each other’s lives.

Shout outs to all the OG’s of the Sydney Food Blogging community for reaching out to me and making me feel a part of it. Chocolatesuze, Grabyourfork, Ramen Raff and everyone else that has hit me up and told me to keep going. Thank you guys so much.

To my brother Miguel from I’m Still Hungry. You’re the best blogger in the game right now and an even better friend. The world isn’t ready for what we have in store for them.

Irene from Irene’s Getting Fat. You read my stuff before I had any followers (I still don’t have any but still) and you’ve been so supportive and nurturing. Irene’s getting a massive meal on me anytime she wants.

To all the beautiful people that have agreed to have me probe them with random questions, thank you so much and I owe you all breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Eileen, Samantha, Hilda, Arryn and Tabitha: getting a chance to chill with you guys makes up for all the other girls who have locked me in their respective friend zones.

Anna from Polyphagia. Somehow, you’ve made Anna Kendrick my second favourite Anna by quite a distance and I can’t wait til I get to dine with you again.

Thanks guys., to 100 more posts then retiring to start a fitness blog called iFit where I lose all the weight I’ve gained from this venture.

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