Beyond the Food with Eilxrrr

I often refer to myself as the Fresh Prince of the Sydney food blogging community.

Why you might ask?

Well, obviously because I look like a young Will Smith. I don’t post a tonne of selfies on Instagram but the people know that the boy looks like the kid whose parents made him move to Bel-Air.

Though I may be royalty, I have absolutely no doubt in my mind who the true queen of Instagram is. That is Eileen of Eilxrrr World. Based in Sydney, Eileen documents her eating experiences on her blog and her incredibly (deservedly so) popular Instagram account boasting 17 BILLION FOLLOWERS.

I may have rounded up just a tad.

Speaking of rounding up, I rounded her up for this next instalment of Beyond the Food:

Eileen from elixrrr
Eileen from elixrrr

iFat: How’d you get into food blogging?

Eileen: I started to blog here and there from a young age but never kept it up. I started food blogging simply because of my love for food. My friends would ask me for my reccomendations because they knew i was a foodie and then from there i thought, why not start a food blog? I instagram mostly but i see the food blog as just a way to document my food adventures but also to start sharing with others my experiences here and there… to be honest i dont really remember but that’s kind of the idea

iFat: What’s something about you that people might not know about you?

Eileen: Well I think people generally assume that im all about food and that im extremely extroverted but that’s actually not true. I have a large variety of different hobbies actually. I also really dislike cilantro/coriander.

iFat: What sort of hobbies? Please tell me you dress up as a clown for kids’ birthday parties.

Eileen: Not quite because I dislike clowns too. I never understood why they’re funny because to me they’re just creepy!!! Actually i enjoy travelling, photography, ancient history, painting and a few indoors and outdoors activities. i like reading time to time and i do enjoy some down time once in a while. but i think to sum it up, my favourite hobby is learning. I really like to explore and see new things

El Jannah
I would love to learn some more about El Jannahs

iFat: Speaking of exploring, you were recently featured on a Webjet Travel Blog (along with me), where would you like to travel to next?

Eileen: I would love to either travel to spain or revisit Japan again. I think the top three would be Japan, Spain and America at the moment.

iFat: I love America, I want to go back too.

Eileen: would REALLY like america. Imagine how fat i would get.

iFat: Girl, I’m iFat. You’re iLean.

Eileen: HAHA oh man that food pun. You deserve a medal for that

iFat: I’ve found that some of my best and worst memories all involve food in some capacity. What is your favourite food-related memory?

Eileen: I’ve had a lot of good food memories but they are always the first time I experience something because everyone remembers their first right? I think my favourite would be one of my very first fine dining experiences. I went to Momofuku Seiobo within the first month it opened in Sydney and i really enjoyed it. But I think my favourites would be all from this year where i got to travel to countries like Singapore and Japan where i was completely mindblown by the different kinds of foods and techniques ive never tried before.

Cho Cho San
Eileen’s love for Japanese is well documented

iFat: Ready for the lightning round?

Eileen: Yes

iFat: Favourite TV couple?

Eileen: Oh man, that’s hard. Come on!  Well okay; since i dont really watch tv but i do watch Suits so i will say Harvey and Donna. Not that they’re a couple but the way they bicker and play around is cute.

iFat: Worst pick up line you’ve ever heard?

Eileen: Oh man.. where do i start? hahahah

iFat: You’re not going to believe this but I’m not on the receiving end of many pickup lines.

Eileen: There was an incident where a guy stopped me on the street to ask me for coffee because I looked like a “latte kind of girl” which is wrong because im not. Then the next one would probably be ” excuse me you dropped something” “?” “you dropped my heart” ahahha or simply “i couldnt help but say hi because you are cute”

iFat: You know why I don’t use pickup lines? I just catch girls as they fall for me.

Eileen: You should have a workshop

iFat: Best pick up line you’ve ever heard?

Eileen: HAHA none to be honest i havent personally gotten picked up many times

iFat: All time favourite iFat post?

Eileen: I like all your posts but most memorable? I don’t know why but Chur Burger. Probably because thats when I came across your stuff.

iFat: Suppose you’ve had a bad day, what is your elixir of choice to put it all behind you?

Eileen: food and friends honestly what better? good food and good company. Oh and a good nights sleep! but if youre having too much fun the sleep part is optional ahaha but no seriously, good food and good friends.

iFat: ….can we be friends?

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