Beyond the Food with I’m Still Hungry

In a previous life, I wanted to be a journalist. I wanted to enter the realm of written word and carve out a niche as a serious journalist who seemlessly incorporated references to ‘N Sync’s legendary performance at the 2000 Video Music Awards into his pieces.

Unforunately, that never panned out and I became a not so serious food blogger who not so seemlessly incorporated references to ‘N Sync’s legendary performance at the 2000 Video Music Awards into his pieces.

One thing I loved about journalism were interviews. Not hokey interviews featuring rehearsed answers, but questions, answers and banter that made people think. I don’t want to know about when your new movie is coming out, I want to know about how you incorporated your own persona and learned to embody the character. I don’t need the headline, I need subtext.

Which brings us here. I loved Vegetaraian‘s interview with my main man, Thang of Noodlies and figured I wanted to do something similar. I have nothing but admiration and affection for the old school bloggers that paved the way for us and I wanted to share some of that love with the new batch of food bloggers in the community. I don’t have a tonne of interview experience as the last interview I conducted was with myself but let’s see how it goes.

So let’s start my Beyond the Food series with one of my favourite food bloggers in the world and my buddy Michael from I’m Still Hungry. Recently nominated for the Pedestrian Blogger awards, Michael has been holding it down  for the past two years with great photography and honest and constructive opinions.

Let’s hope he shares some with me because I need the help:

Michael from I'm Still Hungry
Michael from I’m Still Hungry

iFat: Miguel, was there a specific event that triggered the creation the food blog known as I’m Still Hungry?

Michael:  You could say that it was one event over a long period of time. See, I developed a bit of a photography bug in early 2012. At that time, I only took pictures of food as a way to practise my photography. Over the next few months, friends commented that I’ve got a knack for food photography, and that I should start a blog on it. I was pretty lazy, so you can already imagine the big, fat “no sir”. Indeed, that held for awhile, until in September, sheer boredom and continual peer pressure meant I’m Still Hungry was born.

iFat: Dude, you know what’s crazy. I went the opposite route. I used to only take photos of people and make fun of people who took photos of food and now I’m here.

Michael: This is your karmic justice

I guess all of that practice paid off
I guess all of that practice paid off

iFat: I personally think you have one of the best food blog names in the country if not in the world, what’s the story behind it?

Michael: The flattery is very much real. Thing is, I’m Still Hungry wasn’t always called I’m Still Hungry. In its first month of infancy, where the blog thankfully had almost no traffic, it was known by another name which I won’t quite readily divulge here. Let’s just say that it was…somewhat inferior. You would have The Lady to thank for the name I’m Still Hungry. She remarked that I was always eating, and never seeming quite satisfied. Finished breakfast – I’m still hungry, what’s for lunch? And on and on it goes. A light bulb moment for the name? Quite possibly so.

iFat: What’s something you didn’t expect about living the life of a food blogger?

Michael: That it would be a stupidly high amount of work. Honestly, that hit me the hardest. Photo editing, writing, blog maintenance – these things take time. Much more than I thought was required. An hour a week of my time? Please, what a pipe dream that was. Try 8-10 and we’re talking. Worth every minute though, even if sometimes it doesn’t feel that way.

iFatMaroon 5 was so right when they said it wouldn’t always be rainbows and butterflies.

MichaelAnd definitely not about the hoards of fangirls. One can dream.

Michael from I'm Still Hungry
The Shen in action

iFatOn a scale of 1-10, how upset are you about not winning the Pedestrian Blogger Awwards?

Michael: Maybe a 2? After all, I didn’t even make the effort to attend the awards ceremony – while the blog is cool and all, friends in real life still matter more. That’s why I went to a birthday dinner instead. I actually forgot about those awards until it clicked in me that it may be curious to find out who actually won. Heh.

iFat: Final question before the lightning round; what’s the last meal you had that left you saying “I’m Still Hungry?”

Michael: You have gotta be kidding

iFat:….I’m so sorry.

Michael: ….That would probably be a lunch at York Lane Bar two weeks ago. I had a pie – delicious stuff, but it definitely left me craving for more. And so he lives up to his blog’s namesake.

iFat: Ok, lightning round; favourite comfort meal?

MichaelIt changes now and then, but ramen & fried chicken followed by an overloading of green tea ice cream.

iFat: Go-to date spot?

Michael: Ohhhh tough one because there isn’t any single go to date spot. There’s so many good options. If you can be bothered making a day trip out of it, check out Berowra Waters Inn. For somewhere more local, Ume Japanese Restaurant was my personal pick of a Valentine dinner in 2013

iFat: Favourite actress?

MichaelAn easy answer w/Emma Stone

iFat: Last question: all time favourite iFat post?

Michael: Damn, I can only choose one? Well then, it would have to be your work on The Henson. Your allegory of the soft shell crab burger…

iFat: And that’s a crab. I meant wrap. Heh.


You can follow my buddy Michael on his blog as well as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Please let me know if you’d be interested in future installments of Beyond the Food!

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