Pasta Goma, CBD

During my younger years, I dyed my hair blonde. Not intentionally mind you, this was during the highlights heyday where everyone would dye their hair a darker shade of brown then add blonde highlights throughout it. I swear it made sense at the time. Unfortunately for me, my hairdresser was really enthusiastic about making my dream of one day becoming a Super Saiyan come true and used a bit too much bleach.

Compounding my weird new look was the fact that I didn’t go out very much (ok, that hasn’t changed) and I was a very pasty white. My almost albino complexion, blonde hair and Chinese features resulted in an almost Eurasian looking kid. I may have looked funny (you should’ve seen my older sister’s face when she realised I had just got an earring as well) but it just worked.

Speaking of funny combinations that work, I recently went to visit Pasta Goma in the city and it was awesome.

Pasta Goma CBD

Taking over the old Sushi Tei building, Pasta Goma hasn’t really changed too much about the place. The sushi train still sits in the middle of the restaurant and they still use the old equipment (I was really confused when I got a receipt that was labelled Sushi Tei and wondered if I had an identical twin eating on my behalf).

I don’t really care about looks though, I care about personality and how you taste. I mean how your food tastes.

Let’s get into it.

Salmon Carpaccio at Pasta Goma, CBD
Salmon Carpaccio with special carpaccio dressing

You know there’s something fishy going on if I don’t order a salmon dish at a restaurant.

The slices of salmon were very thick. I’ve had such a steady diet of smoked salmon that I had forgotten what it was like to have it fresh. It was a tad fishy but you could barely taste it with the strong sesame base. Oh, I forgot to tell you about the sesame base.

Listen, the base of any dish is really important. This is why Nicki Minaj dedicated an entire song  to it a couple of years ago. The sauce that was the salmon slices swam in was definitely a super base.  There was a subtle sweetness to go with the strong sesame base. Also, the picture fails to convey the oily texture of the sesame sauce that clung to the salmon like me whenever I meet a girl who laughs at my joke.

Unlike me and hot girls who give pity me, the sauce and the salmon worked beautifully together.

Yawaraka chashu wafu soup at Pasta Goma, CBD
Yawaraka chashu wafu soup

Did I order wafu pasta because I misread it as waifu and thought that my chronic loneliness would be cured in the form of a pasta wife?

Yes, yes I did.

Let’s talk about my edible significant other in a bit more detail. This dish was a clear example of Pasta Goma’s desire to fuse the culinary calling cards of Japan and Italy. You take delicious chashu pork soup, throw some pasta in the mix and top it off with an egg that’s begging to be popped like a ripe pimple and you get a ramen and pasta love child. I would be the Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie of adopting little ramen/pasta love children but I digress.

I really dug the pork belly here. There’s a lot of lean chashu pork on the market but I’ve always loved having a nice amount of fat on my pork. The melt in your mouth quality is just too good to pass up. Tip: Pop the egg and let the yolk slowly seep into the soup. It’ll take on an egg drip soup like quality that can make even the most stoic individuals break out into song and dance.

Source: I quickly began singing random lyrics. I’m not really a stoic individual but still.

Ebi tempura cream pasta
Ebi tempura cream pasta

Here’s some more food prawn for my homies.

The pasta was cooked al dente (my ideal way of having pasta) and was really nice. I also enjoyed the fact that the cream wasn’t too gluttonous which could’ve resulted in soggy pasta. Instead, we had a complementary sauce that let the pasta shine. Also, the prawn tempura was amazing. The size of the prawns indicate that they were king prawns but they weren’t stringy at all and were a delight to munch.

I want to highlight the sprinkle of rocket in the centre of the bowl simply because I love rocket sprinkled anywhere. For everyone wondering how they should spoil me on Valentine’s Day, don’t worry about the rose petals, just throw rocket leaves at the boy and he’ll probably put out.

Did I say probably? I meant definitely.


Here’s the TL;DR for anyone hoping to find photos of me as a blonde online:

– Can you feel my heart beat running away?

– Ramen and pasta are two of my favourite dishes in the world so you’ve totally won me over if you manage to combine them well.

– Plot twist: I’m still a blonde even if my hair is black.

Pasta Goma, CBD

Pasta Goma, CBD

127 Liverpool Street, CBD

Opening Hours:

7 Days a week

11:30am – 10:00pm

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