Autolyse, Chippendale

I was without my phone for most of last Saturday.

It’s a long story but it involves chronic texting, needless browsing of Instagram, checking to see if anyone read iFat (still nope) and leaving my phone charger at the office. Combine all those factors and I was left with a nice plastic paperweight that I couldn’t browse Reddit on.

Unfortunately, I had made plans for Saturday and I had no idea if anyone was going to turn up. I had to take a leap of faith and just show up to places hoping my  friends would decide to show up as well. In fairness, it would’ve been absolutely hilarious if everyone had conspired to just have me standing there for hours on end as they hung out with their friends who had operational phones. Cruel, but funny nonetheless.

Just as I was about to leave and continue living my life in 1994 (no phone, bad hair and friendless) my friend arrived and we headed into Autolyse in Central Park, Chippendale.

Autolyse Sydney

I’ve spoken about this before but I adore the Central Park complex. I remember how decrepit the region used to be (I used to play basketball in the area) and seeing all the contemporary structures and natural  foliage now is such a pleasant change; the contrast is stark like Ironman.

Autolyse, Central Park

Autolyse in Chippendale is one of the newer brunch spots in the Sydney cafe scene. Known for its freshly baked bread, Autolyse is establishing itself as a bloggers’ favourite with nothing on the menu over $16. There’s a joke about dating minors in there but I’m not touching that at all (oh I did it anyway, I mean the joke not the touching minors thing. Oh God. I need a lawyer).

Anywho, I’ve recently made a concerted effort to go to more brunch places because brunch is delicious and I like delicious.

Talk is cheap my darling, let’s get to the photos.

Hot chocolate at Autolyse, Chippendale
Hot Chocolate

Never forget that I am a child that is still not a fan of hot coffee. I quite enjoyed the creamy hot chocolate Autolyse had on offer. I’m a fan of milk chocolate and was glad that there wasn’t even a hint of bitterness. The glass is rather small but again, I was going to a Chocolate festival afterwards so I was guaranteed to get my cocoa fix one way or another.

There aren’t many guarantees in life, but me going nuts at a food festival? Yeah, that’s inevitable.

Ricotta and tomato toast at Autolyse, Sydney
Ricotta and tomato toast

I really enjoyed the toast. It’s quite hard to cut through which led to me wondering whether the bread would be the type that cuts up the insides of your mouth. Fortunately, this was not the case and no mouths were harmed in the process of making this review. The signature sour tinge associated with sourdough was present albeit very fleetingly. This went really well with the tang of the fresh tomatoes and the mint leaves utilised by the Autobots in the Autolyse kitchen.

I’m not sure if the amount of tomato on the toast is really illustrated with my photo. You have to really enjoy tomatoes to finish this dish. You can’t just like them half-heartedly and expect to get away with a short fling, this is a long-term commitment and baby I think we can make it work.

….what was I talking about?

Smoked trout salad at Autolyse Sydney
Smoked trout salad with kipfler potatoes and yoghurt dressing

Folks that know me know that I’m atrout that life. Fishy salads have always appealed to me for some reason. I think I might’ve been a shark in my past life which explains my weirdly sharp teeth and amazing jaw line.

The yoghurt dressing was actually really understated. I think it might’ve been there more for its texture than flavour and I appreciated the fact that it didn’t overpower the smoky trout. The elongated slices of kipfler potatoes were awesome and added were prepared very well. Not spongy and offering a firm counter to the flaky trout, the balance of this salad was great.

I know they say you can’t make friends with salad but if you can’t make friends with this salad, then there might be something wrong with you.

Open smoked salmon sandwich at Autolyse SydneyOpen smoked salmon sandwich at Autolyse Sydney
Open smoked salmon sandwich with avocado, water cress, herbs, toasted seeds and orange vinaigrette

Reminder: I had brunch with my best friend so I thought that it’d be appropriate to order something containing the best friends of the food world. I wonder if there’s any fan fiction featuring salmon and avocado travelling across the world and being rivals with eel/cream cheese peanut butter/jam. I might stop right there in case I ever decide to venture into food-oriented children’s books.

There was so much at work here; it was like a sweatshop sandwich (man, I’m inappropriate today). The toppings hardest at work were definitely the aforementioned best friends. The salmon’s smoky flavour along with the buttery texture of avocado at its peak (you can always tell if the avocado is ripe/past its prime) made this the greatest sandwich I’ve ever had with a popped top. I loved the crunch of the seeds as well to go with the very tender salmon. This dish was just awesome, make sure every bite you cut up contains a bit of every ingredient as they go together beautifully like you and me when we finally stop beating around the bush.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone that remembers when I actually wrote about food on this blog:

– Don’t worry everybody, my phone and body are now fully charged and ready for your calls.

– Autolyse has hot chocolate so rich that you don’t need to reach for your wallet.

– Autolyse’s salmon sandwich is the only food item I’ve ever compared to a convertible (might not be the last).

Autolyse Chippendale
Ohhh….so that’s what it means.

Autolyse, Chippendale, Central Park
RB10, Lower Ground
The Dining District
28 Broadway, Chippendale

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sat 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
Sunday 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

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