Danjee, CBD

I know what the people want.

They want me to form another group of Super Bloggers. They want another team up special like the one we slapped the blogosphere with when 9 of Sydney’s finest food bloggers (and me because they needed someone with bad hair) descended like starving buzzards upon Cho Cho San.

But let’s face it, no one wants to hang out with iFat all the time. I’m like really, really sweet dessert. You can only have me in small doses or you’ll become violently ill after the seventeenth joke about how a food item reminds me of the time this girl stood me up for four hours as I waited in a McDonalds (true story).

So today’s post about Danjee in the CBD is less Avengers and more Captain America 2 with iFat and some iFat’s angels (starring Yvonne from Caramel Love as Cameron Diaz, Irene from Irene’s Getting Fat as Drew Barrymore and Amy from Milktea as Lucy Liu).

Danjee CBD

Danjee is part of the new generation of Korean restaurants that are now popping up all over Sydney. Modern dining along with refined Korean staples, Danjee is the Lebron James to Madang’s Michael Jordan. It’s hidden away in Diagon Alley Albion Place and the first thing you notice upon entering is how vast the space is. It could sit an entire school of Wizards as well as conjure up delicious Korean food in an instant.

Now, I’m getting ahead of myself.

Danjee CBD
Don’t be fooled by the empty seats, we were having dinner at senior citizen time

Let’s dive right into it like Michael Phelps:

Pumpkin, mixed greens, crispy rice, perilla seed dressing
Nu rung ji salad with pumpkin, mixed greens, crispy rice and perilla seed dressing

This is the only salad I’ve ever had that reminded me a a bowl of Rice Bubbles. Let me elaborate. It appeared on the table and I imediately said “snap.” I took a spoonful and the crispy rice crackled away in my mouth with the lettuce. The salad just popped off with the combination of textures and the drizzle of perilla seed dressing that added a rich taste that was similar to sesame oil.

Mo deum jeon at Danjee CBD
Mo deum jeon

When I heard the girls say that they were ordering ‘Jeon,’ I thought that they had grown weary of my ways and decided to order another guy to come and put me in my place. Turns out that jeon is Korean’s answer to pancakes. We ordered the assorted platter that offered a variety of mini pancakes featuring zucchini, sesame leaves, prawns and meats.

I loved every variety I had the chance to consume. The pancake batter used to coat all the different ingredients was incredibly light and didn’t take away from the flavours that the individual components brought to the table. The stand-out for me was easily the prawn variation; the majestic nature of the king prawn and its obvious freshness made it the undisputed royal highness of the pancake sea.

Kimchi deung gal bi jjim at Danjee CBD
Slow cooked pork American spare ribs in kimchi stew

My affinity for pork borders on creepy like Edward Cullen watching Bella sleep. I would go to the ends of the Earth to sample great pork.

Fortunately for me, Danjee isn’t that far. The ribs barely clung onto the bone and gave way after a simple prod. There were also pieces of pork belly swimming in the Kimchi stew that disappeared faster than my uncle’s hair after he saw how much my cousin’s wedding would cost him. The stew may look like Miranda Kerr in GQ, but it’s not as hot as it appears. Keep in mind that my tongue is accustomed to contact with hot stuff though (heh).

Soy Marinated Beef at Danjee CBD
Stir fried soy marinated beef

This dish was highly reminiscent of a burger patty. Think of a gourmet blended beef patty (sirloin, wagyu, chuck steak) glazed with sweet soy marinade. The reason I used that example was it was minced beef that we broke apart. I really enjoyed it and spent the night dreaming about this burger between two brioche buns served to me at Chur.

Korean Fried Chicken at Danjee CBD
Fried chicken served with garlic and chili sauce

This was the most divisive dish of the night that it caused the Angels to lob shots at each other like they were amateur bartenders. Milktea said that the chicken was better than Naruone‘s and Irene reacted the same way my nephews react when someone insults the Wiggles. I immediately asked the staff at Danjee to take all our sharp objects away as the threat of violence was at an all time high for a food blogging event.

What about me? The chicken was so good that my body decided to break down at this point. I made my way through two pieces and my nose started bleeding like a faucet. My body was pretty much saying: “yep, this is as good as your life is going to get. Let’s end it on a high, dawg.”

Danjee’s chicken had the perfect crunch, a batter that served as a light blanket as opposed to a quilt and I went to bed dreaming of a day where this hot chick would take my hand in marriage.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone that’s still confused about how I managed to crash ladies’ night”

– The Korean revolution is coming and it’s here to stay. I for one embrace my Starcraft playing overlords.

– Get the salad, get the stew, get the chicken and if you’re a dude; get the cheque.

– Don’t forget to grab a spot at my dude food tour with the homies over at Taste Maven.


Danjee, CBD

7 Albion Place, CBD (in the alleyway next to Event Cinema on George Street)

Opening Hours

Sunday to Monday:

Lunch: 11:30am – 3:00pm

Dinner: 5:00pm – 11:00pm

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