Three Williams (Part II) (Redfern)

My favourite part about being single is potential.

I think this is one of the things single people enjoy most. You might meet someone at a grocery store, a library, a small house party, a taco stand, a Star Wars convention and start talking to them on a regular basis. Feelings might start developing, caterpillars you swallowed as a kid start becoming butterflies in your stomach and who knows where that might go?

The potential in every day, every moment and I everyone. That’s exciting; it’s akin to a permanent adrenaline rush.

You know that feeling you get when you hear that one of your favourite musicians is set to release a new album? The anticipation levels are high, you’re keen to listen to it as soon as possible and the speculation is rapid fire. Will it be awesome? Will it be better than the last? You hope that it leaks early just so you can enjoy it. That exists for every single prospect that falls on a single person’s radar, the excitement in the chase, the potential payoff, and maybe, just maybe…thinking about forever.

Sorry, got sidetracked. All of these thoughts went through the carousel that is my mind when Three Williams introduced their new menu.

Let’s see if I’ve met the one:

Three Williams, Redfern
The new menu!

In case you didn’t pick up on it, I’ve been incredibly excited about the launch of Three William’s new menu. This is probably because I spend more time at Three Williams than I do at my girlfriend’s house. I don’t have a girlfriend but still.

I’ve gone two days in a row to sample the two items I was most looking forward to.

But first:

Banana Smoothie at Three Williams, Redfern
Banana smoothie with dates, walnuts and praline

This is a drink that’s been on the menu since Three William’s first opened. I’m a big fan of its understated banana flavour and how smooth it goes down. Also, the drink’s enjoyment level just goes up another level when the praline on the rim sinks to the bottom of your smoothie. The texture of the praline makes it feel like you’re drinking some leftover cereal milk with the cereal having retained its crunch.

Duck narnie at Three Williams, Redfern
Duck narnie with roast pear, rocket, apple, balsamic and aioli

One of the baristas at Three Williams leaked this menu item to me prior to its official launch. My anticipation level hadn’t been that high since I saw the first trailer for the Avengers.

So how was it?

It was ducking awesome. The star of the show was actually the roast pear nestled in between the soft naan bread, peppery rocket and succulent duck. Its subtle sweetness just enhanced all the other ingredients. I also thoroughly enjoyed all the different textures working in unison. By the way, this is not something you can eat whilst wearing a white shirt. You will get messy and you will enjoy it.

Brioche French toast with chocolate, banana and hazelnuts
Brioche French toast with chocolate, banana and hazelnuts

Don’t worry, guys. The original French toast is still on the menu. This is her saucier sister.

I know what you’re thinking, this looks incredibly decadent.

It was sweet but it didn’t make me feel like I should hire a personal trainer on the spot. The brioche toast itself is still immaculate and lives up to the high standards that its sister has established. I love hazelnuts and everyone knows chocolate and hazelnuts go together like Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston. There’s just way too much chemistry for it not to work.

I’ve got to talk about the banana though. They were slightly chilled and I liked the contrasting temperature it offered against the warm brioche toast. However, I’m not sure if I actually enjoyed the texture. The banana was kind of hard and the exact opposite of what you expect banana to feel when you’re eating it. It wasn’t bad, just different.

Overall, the new French toast is a winner. Not that I know much about Frenching but still.


Here’s the TL;DR for everyone wondering why I have to mention my dating life in every single blog post:

– By the way, Nessy Eater and I have teamed up with the folks over at Taste Maven to hold our own food tours. You can see the details of my upcoming tour HERE.

– I only covered a couple of items but there are a lot of new offerings on the menu. Sadly, my favourite salad of all time got the chop. Why do people you love always leaf you?

– I’ve been told my pickup lines are just as smooth as the banana smoothie.

– Don’t duck out on the new narnie. It’s awesome.


Three Williams, Redfern

613a Elizabeth Street, Redfern

Opening Hours:


7:00 – 11:30


11:30 – 3:00

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