Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, CBD

I’ve always been told size doesn’t matter.

That’s what I told my English teacher about my brain in year seven when she asked me to rewrite my article for the seventh time.

That’s also what I told my ex-girlfriend after she made a snide remark about my lack of size. Hey man, I’m tall where I come from and you shouldn’t be wearing hooker heels.

So yeah, I always believed size doesn’t matter.

Then I went to Hot Star Large Fried Chicken in the CBD and realised that one of my life’s philosophies was a lie (just like how I thought I was good looking until I realised every photo ever taken of me involved an Instagram filter).

Hot Star Fried Chicken

Once again, I continue going to places three months after the initial storm. I’m like an anti-hipster.

Hot Star Large Fried Chicken opened earlier in the year to much fanfare. It’s a hugely popular franchise overseas and I’m glad they flapped their wings over to Australian shores. Known for their deep fried offerings, I was keen to turn my Monday into a Fryday quick smart.

Warning: This might be the least photogenic post I’ve ever produced…so this post is the blog equivalent of every single of my non-filtered photos.

Sweet potato fries at Hot Star Large Fried Chicken
Sweet potato fries

I’ve been enjoying a fantastic run of great sweet potato fries so I thought I’d test my luck once again.

These were easily some of the most unique sweet potato fries I had ever tried due to one unique trait. These sweet potato fries were legitimately sweet (remember this point). They reminded me of sweet potato fried donuts due to their crispy coating and cinammon-esque seasoning. One of the big pros of Hot Star is that everything is made to order so these were piping hot and incredibly tasty.

Fried Mushrooms
Fried Mushrooms

There wasn’t mush-room left in my stomach after getting through the sweet potato fries but I had to solider on. Once again, the signature trait of these deep fried mushrooms were that they were sweeter than I am when I’m trying to get a second date out of a girl. Only difference is that these mushrooms were actually successful and my tastebuds didn’t start ignoring them after a couple of text messages.

The mushrooms were really succulent and every bite resulted in some sweet, sweet mushroom juice. Another great side from the stars at Hot Star.

Now for the real star of the show.

Hot Star Fried Chicken

Are you serious?

I’ve seen tonne of photos but none truly captured the immensity of this piece of chicken. What fine female specimen has breasts these large and can I get her number?

To those thinking that the chicken is falling out of the bag, it is literally larger than the bag itself. I know that doesn’t sound impressive but I can palm a basketball and I was struggling holding this piece of chicken with one hand. This was humongous, this was colossal, this was monstrous, this was tremendous and this was way larger than the amount of synonyms I have for the word big.

However, does it taste good?

Hot Star Fried Chicken
The answer is yes

This would’ve been a huge disappointment if it had been sub-par chicken but fortunately this hunk of chicken meat was delicious. If I was to guess, I would say that the seasoning sprinkled across the batter was a potent mixture of heroin, cocaine and sugar. It tasted amazing and I’m pretty sure I’m addicted right now.

At least all my fans will know where to find me from now on.

Kidding, I don’t have any fans.

Hot Star Fried Chicken
My buddy flirted with the server and somehow got a larger piece

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone else that likes hot chicks

– All of Hot Star’s side dishes are worthy of main courses.

– Everyday is Fryday when you’re about the iFat life

– Seriously, can someone get me her number?


Hot Star Large Fried Chicken, CBD

96 Liverpool Street

Opening Hours:

Open 7 Days

From 11am to 11pm

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