Brooklyn Social, Surry Hills

I have a lot of bad habits in my everyday life.

I check my phone when I’m on dates (jokes, I don’t go on dates), I annoyingly readjust my hair and make it look worse, I laugh obnoxiously loudly at my own jokes and I call almost everyone I know ‘dude.’

Dude, it’s just who I am.

The worst case of this happening was when I was working for the government and referred to one of my female superiors as ‘dude.’ Fortunately, she was totally cool with it and thought it was hilarious but still; it’s a bad habit.

Fortunately, there are now dining establishments that welcome this sort of behaviour. These places are providers of a culinary trade referred to as ‘Dude Food.’

Well, let this Asian food dude show you some premium dude food from Brooklyn Social in Surry Hills

Brooklyn Social in Surry Hills

Brooklyn Social is one of Sydney’s newest dive bars specialising in aforementioned dude food and alcohol. Due to the fact that I drink about as much alcohol as a cactus; the main reason for my visit was the food for dudes.

Brooklyn Social in Surry Hills
Wait…..then where have I been languishing in since high school?

With the power of old school Jedi mind tricks, I managed to convince the office that it was time for another company lunch even though we had just digested all the food we had at the Pie Tin a couple of weeks ago.

Four full grown dudes hitting up a bar with awesome food? This gon’ be good.

We started off with something sweet:

Sweet Potato Fries at Brooklyn Social, Surry Hills
Sweet potato fries with mint & maple aioli

Brooklyn won my heart straight away with this starter. The fries were extra crunchy and seasoned with just the right amount of salt & pepper. Brooklyn’s fries managed to avoid the pitfall that often plagues sweet potato fries (soggy, no crunch) and they even managed to accentuate the natural sweetness with mint and maple aioli.

Read that line again: mint and maple aioli! Who thinks of that? Only culinary wizards on the level of Gandalf and Dumbledore.

Mac & Cheese Balls Quarter Pounder - Brooklyn Social
Mac & cheese balls with truffle aioli

First of all, the new kid on the block might have the strongest aioli game I’ve ever seen. I haven’t been this impressed by sauce since the flying saucer in District 9.

Growing up as a Chinese kid, I didn’t have a lot of pasta let alone mac & cheese. So I’ve made a concerted effort to have as much of it as possible in my adult life. Here’s another episode of iMac & cheese (heh) with a splash of truffle aioli on the side. I loved the batter that encased the mac & cheese. The insides weren’t incredibly cheesy but the incredible aioli more than made up for that. In fact, we ended up dipping every thing we possibly could in the aioli. The aioli was the Morgan Freeman of sauces as it played an amazing supporting role.

I even dipped a part of my sweater in it after we were done eating so I could carry that flavour around with me (admit it, you’re not sure if I actually did that because it’s weird but then again it’s me).

Fried Chicken - Brooklyn Social
Southern fried chicken

What came first, the chicken or the egg?

Doesn’t matter, because I had a foodgasm as soon as I bit into this delicious chicken. Beautifully coated with multiple spices and fried to crispy perfection, this was easily my favourite dish of the day. The chicken was soft and tender and once again, these served as excellent ways to scoop up some more aioli.

Let’s get on to the meat and potatoes of things minus the potatoes and with some bread in their place.

Pork Hot Dog - Brooklyn Social
The Pig Dog with slow cooked pork shoulder, red cabbage slaw, special Brooklyn sauce and aioli.

This is Sirius like my Godson’s name is Harry. I know I’ve used that joke before but my lust for this hot dog has shut down every creative cell in my body. When I ordered it, I had no idea I would have a nice scoop of pork ON TOP of a gourmet sausage. I absolutely loved the special sauce that coated pork, it had a spicy kick to it that just enhanced every other ingredient it touched. The chemistry between everything within the bun would’ve astounded any scientist.

Special shout out to the red slaw for adding a crunch to the tenderness of the pork and sausage. You’re slawesome.

Let’s take a look at what my co-workers had:

Quarter Pounder 2 - Brooklyn Social
Uluru in the Northern-Oh snap, that’s a burger?!

I asked my co-worker to give me a line on what he thought about the burger:

This is a serious burger. Very saucy, a little overcooked but it’s heart is in the right place.”

Good stuff, cross the burger off of the cardiologist’s waiting list cause we definitely need quick check ups after you see the rest of what we had.

Southern fried chicken burger - - Brooklyn Social
Chicks with buns aka Souther fried chicken burger with lettuce and chipotle aioli

I love chicks with buns.

Apparently, the burger was good too.


Quarter Pounder 2 - Brooklyn Social
Gotta provide the view from up top.

Here’s the TL;DR for everyone who once thought Deron Williams was better than Chris Paul:

– Dude, let me know what you think of the new site. I appreciate all feedback, good or bad! Stay tuned for some huge posts and changes across the board as well.

– Dude, sweet potato fries are sweeter than a can of ice cold Pepsi on a hot day.

– In addition to everything we’ve sampled, I’ve heard really positive things about Brooklyn’s ribs.

– There is no walk of shame after a meal this awesome; it’s a walk of unadulterated game, baby.

Brooklyn Social in Surry Hills

Brooklyn Social, Surry Hills

17 Randle Street, Surry Hills (right behind Central station so you can roll on to a train straight afterwards)

Opening Hours:

Open 7 days from 12:00pm to 2:00am

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