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(Editor’s note: I will be bacon puns throughout this entire post. You’ve been warned).

Shortly after the events of the Canley Crawl, the Sydney Food Blogging community yearned for more action from the food blogging Avengers.

There was still so much food to be eaten, drinks to be had and photos to be taken.

Another team was needed.

We threw the food blogging signal in the sky and a bunch of us responded. Nessy Eater with her lack of cleanliness, Milkteaxx added her Chatime remix, SimiLicious came out of self-imposed retirement, Crystal from Instagram emerged from the internet and Wowzou from the never aired tenth season of Scrubs came with a +1.

There was a lot of Swine in the aether, and a company was needed to conquer it.



With our all star team assembled, we were prepared to lay waste to whatever slop was laid in front of us.

Fortunately, the food was far from being pig fodder and we attacked them with vigour worthy of wild boars.

Cameras gotta eat first
Cameras eat first
Crisp Pig’s Tail with Pine Purée, grapes, pickled mushrooms and pistachio
Crisp Pig’s Tail with pine purée, grapes, pickled mushrooms and pistachio

I really enjoyed this appetiser. There were a lot of dynamics in play which can end disastrously but didn’t in this case.

There was a strong balsamic influence throughout this dish and the grapes really influences the sour punch. It wasn’t completely H.A.M. but only those with dead taste buds would fail to notice it. The actual tail itself was good, I was expecting to be chewy (cause I didn’t read the menu) but it lived up to its crispy description.

The strong tang/spur dimension really got my taste buds going.

Tuna Crudo with white anchovies, capers, white balsamic and watermelon
Tuna Crudo with white anchovies, capers, white balsamic and watermelon

I rarely comment on the presentation of food because my cooking resembles trough food.

However, I have to make an exception for this. I loved how the colours just popped out at you. It just came across like a very inviting dish; kind of like the opposite of all the kids in my school who conveniently forgot where I lived when sending out birthday party invitations.

Then again, our parents always told us not to judge people based on their looks and reminded us it was how they tasted that counts.

This dish would’ve been so good if the capers weren’t saltier than the Pacific Ocean. Subtract the capers and this dish is a palette cleanser all star. Watermelon is like the fruit equivalent of bacon as it just goes well with so many things.

Handcut chips with rosemary salt and aioli
Handcut chips with rosemary salt and aioli

Great chips. I loved the breadth and how solid these chips were without sacrificing crunch. The rosemary salt was amazing and I can’t believe it’s not used in all classy restaurants that offer chips.

I sort of hogged these. I’d say sorry but I’m not.

Pork Belly with crackling, pumpkin, tuscan cabbage and pepper jus
Pork Belly with crackling, pumpkin, tuscan cabbage and pepper jus

Piggybacking on the momentum of the starters was this crackling main.

The key component of great pork belly is how good the crackling is. Yes, the fat later of the pork is crucial as well but good crackling tends to elevate the dish to a ‘pigs flying’ tier.

Yes, this cut of pig was fly.

Every layer was just perfection with crackling that was salty and sweet at the same time. This is the new standard that all pork belly is held to.

Milk fed suckling pig from Macleay Valley with Celery Salt and Baby Fennel
Milk fed suckling pig from Macleay Valley with Celery Salt and Baby Fennel

Ahhh, the reason we’re all here.

I was actually under the impression that we’d be ordering an entire pig since we had gathered seven people but we got a small portion instead. Fortunately, the person carving this bad boy up gave me a relatively large serving and I got to enjoy the roasted remains of Babe (sorry about your childhood).

The meat was incredibly succulent and is a reminder of how sporktacular pork is at a high level. At their best, beef is probably better (wagyu/kobe) but roast pork is a proud number two. The crackling on my portion wasn’t as crispy but it was still delightful and my mind was fantasising about dates involving serenading, dancing and pignics with this slice of pork.

I have weird thoughts.

Thanks for bacon magic in that kitchen of your's.
Thanks for bacon magic in that kitchen of your’s.

Here’s the TL; DR for everyone who prefers eating with a spork over a fork.

– Make sure you check out all the blogs of the new Food Blogging Avengers. This won’t be the last time you hear about all of us in the one place.

– This is not an ideal place for someone that is allergic to pork.

– If you’re not? This is one of the best places to pig out in Sydney.


Swine & Co, CBD

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