Waffle Bant, Strathfield

As One Republic said, it’s too late to apologise.

I’ve been neglecting my beloved readers for far too long. I hit you guys with the mouth watering Canley Crawl series and vanished into not so thin air.

Truth is, I’ve just been really busy at work and going to bed earlier than my Grandparents. Also, I haven’t really eaten anywhere worthy of a review. I didn’t want to hit you guys with mediocrity, I wanted to hit you guys with an uppercut worthy of Pacquiao.

Well, its time.

Here’s a couple of waffle shaped jabs courtesy of Waffle Bant in Strathfield.


Waffle Bant is a fairly well known dessert franchise in Korea. Naturally, their first venture overseas would be in the Korean capital of Australia also known as my home suburb.

I’ve been meaning to try it ever since it first opened and I finally got my chance today. I had a vegetarian dinner (more on that next time) and knew I needed to do something to appease my meat deprived body.

Quite a sick menu
Quite a sick menu

I started off with an Oreo frappucino because it’s a beverage with a fun name. Seriously, frappucino is so fun to say.

Oreo Frappucino
Oreo Frappucino

The flavour of this drink was great. A tonne of crushed Oreos in beverage form is really hard to mess up. The only negative part of the drink was that it was rather icey. It needed to be blended for a little longer but on the bright side; I get to enjoy it for longer (I’m actually still sipping on it as I write this almost two hours after I first ordered it).

Alright, let’s get to the main course…of dessert.

Dark Chocolate Waffle
Dark Chocolate Waffle

Call me Donkey from Shrek cause I got ridiculously excited when I saw the waffles heading our way. They’re the absolute apex of waffle construction. Perfect glaze, crispy exterior without being hard and a soft interior. I’m not usually a fan of dark chocolate but everything about this just worked. It’s like watching Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder, you didn’t think it’d work but good God, it WORKED.

Walnut Waffle
Walnut Waffle

This may look like an ordinary waffle but to underestimate this waffle would be a dire mistake. This is easily one of the best desserts I’ve had all year. The waffle construction (as we’ve gone over) is immaculate but then you crack into the insides and you’re hit with an assortment of walnuts. It’s like Santa giving you a crispy $100 bill after delivering you your presents AND giving you the phone number of one of his cuter elves.

Excuse the waffling on (heh), I’m a little out of practice.


Here’s the TL: DR for everyone who didn’t notice I was away from the interwebs for a while.

– Strathfield has another legitimate dessert place. It’s not just Froyo Central.

– Yes, I live in Strathfield. Please send all the cute stalkers my way.

– Walnut waffles are so amazing that I came out of my self imposed exodus to write a review. You’re welcome, internet.

Waffle Bant, Strathfield

11 The Boulevarde, Strathfield (Inside Strathfield Plaza, near Woolworths)

Open 7 Days

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