Loaf & Devotion (CBD)

As mentioned in a previous post, I’ve recently moved to a new office and cafes in the area have been trying to coax me into committing to a single coffee place.

Let’s be real, the only commitment I have in life right now is a commitment to me.

So I’ve been batting my eyelids at all these different places and refusing to settle. Sure, that cup of coffee was sweet but how do I know next door’s isn’t sweeter? I refuse to settle, especially when the ever elusive perfect cup is possibly out there. The curiousity of finding someone better is what keeps me going.

Wait…whoops, this is iFat. My bad, thought this was my sixteen year old diary for a second.

Er….I visited a new cafe and I’m thinking of loafing and devoting myself to Loaf & Devotion:


Loaf & Devotion is a leisurely two minute stroll away from the Wynyard station bus terminals. Loaf & Devotion features a stacked menu that should be able to cater you no matter what you like between your bread. Oh, there are also daily specials so you’re always in for a surprise.

This is what my buddies tell me about love as well. You think you know her, then she reveals to you that she’s never played Pokémon and everything changes.

Iced coffee
Iced coffee

The service was really nice and efficient. The girl I ordered my coffee with presented me a number of ways I could have my iced coffee. Do you remember the first time you went to Subway and the guy making your sandwich bombarded you with questions about every nook & cranny of your sub? It felt like that except on a really positive note.

I had humongous bags (Gucci!) under my eyes and needed a caffeine hit to prevent me drooling all over my keyboard. This iced coffee did the trick, it was quite strong but not bitter to the point in which my tongue shrivelled up.

It was coloured yellow much like the decor of the place; I didn’t take many photos partially cause there were a lot of people around and I didn’t want to be THAT guy. You’re just going to have to take my word about the place being what Coldplay was singing about.

On to the sandwich!

The Schnitty. Chicken schnitzel with avocado, lemon mayo, swiss and greens
The Schnitty. Chicken schnitzel with avocado, lemon mayo, swiss and greens

After getting blitzed by North’s Uluru-sized carb hit, it was nice to have a lunch I could hold without having to take steroids beforehand.

This was an incredibly solid sandwich. The bread was nice; the crust wasn’t a distraction and served as a great foundation. The lemon mayonnaise was the star of the show even if there wasn’t a tonne between the sheets. The schnitzel itself was a bit dry but this was countered by the presence of the mayo and half melted cheese. The strong harmony between all the ingredients made this a great lunch.

I can’t wait to go back and sample some of the other options on the menu.

I got told I have an ugly bite...kids can be so cruel.
I got told I have an ugly bite…kids can be so cruel.

Here’s the TL; DR for everyone singing ‘it was all yelllllllow’ at the top of their lungs

– Free coffee is my Kryptonite.

– It was all yellllllow

– I wanted to make some more sandwich jokes but I should probably salad wrap this up soon.


Loaf & Devotion, CBD

57-59 York Street, CBD

Opening Hours:

Monday – Friday: 7:00am to 4:00pm

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