Table Sixty, CBD

Do you remember the days when I conjured two-three posts per week out of not so thin air?

Wait, that was less than a month ago? Oh my how times have changed.

You know what hasn’t changed though? I can still spit fire like Charizard. I can still rhyme better than Leann Rimes. I’ve got blogging talent oozing out of me like pus out of a freshly popped pimple.

And yes, I still toe the line of what’s appropriate and not.

Something else that hasn’t changed? I still love burgers, especially if they come with coffee as delicious as the coffee served at Table 60 in Wynyard.


Table Sixty is a brand spanking new cafe located directly across the Wynyard station bus terminals aka about 30 seconds from where I work. They kindly sent my entire office some free coffee vouchers and the initial coffee tasted so good that I just had to go back a second time.

Maybe they knew about how easily I get addicted to things…well played.

Always nice to have some company for lunch
Always nice to have some company for lunch

Guess what I started my lunch off with?

Hint: I was at a cafe.

Table Sixty Iced Coffee
Table Sixty Iced Coffee

I’m still a fairly new coffee convert having finally shed the energy drink addiction that made me awesome for so many years in university.

I make my own blend of iced coffee at home and it tastes awful. I still drink it because I need a pick me up in the morning and leaving the house looking like an extra that’s crawled off the set of ‘the Walking Dead’ is deemed unprofessional.

This is the polar opposite of Isaac’s home brew. You know how they say you know good coffee as soon as it meets your lips?

Put it this way, my lips wanted to do a lot more than make this coffee’s acquaintance. It wasn’t pungent and bitter like an instant blend and was incredibly vibrant with just a sliver of sweetness to prevent my taste buds from shrivelling up due to their unfamiliarity with the coffee match up. It was just an all around brilliant iced coffee.

Now, on to the burger:

Wagyu beef burger with provolone cheese, smoked tomato relish, pickles - served with fries
Wagyu beef burger with provolone cheese, smoked tomato relish, pickles – served with fries

I don’t usually talk about the price of things because I’m always happy to splurge on food. However, I have to note that this burger was a tad pricier than usual. It’s listed as 19.80 on the menu and site but it’s in fact $21.

However, the premium ingredients more than made up for the price tag. Did I mention a dude in a black tie/vest combo served it up to me? It’s the little things that make my day now.

Back to the burger, the wagyu patty was easily one of the best ones I’ve ever sampled. It was seasoned well, melted on my tongue with ease and I had absolutely no complaints about it whatsoever. It was my first time trying Provolone cheese and the easiest way for me to illustrate to you what it tasted like is to simply tell you that it reminded me of wasabi. Not as mind numbing or as explosive, but they’re clearly distant cousins. The bacon wasn’t as crispy as I would’ve liked but people that complain about bacon aren’t friends of mine.

The buns. Ah, the buns.

Table Sixty doesn’t use brioche buns which a lot of places are now favouring and opted for something a bit more traditional. Only problem was that it got soggy really fast. I had to use a knife and fork pretty quickly into my meal and all burger lovers hate when they have to pick up the cutlery.

Overall, the patty elevated the quality of the burger but the lack of synergy between all the individual components was slightly disappointing.


The fries were amazing.

I don’t know if it’s because I haven’t had ketchup in a while but the ketchup served with the fries tasted like manna from Heaven. Tangy with a hint of sweetness, I was more than  happy using my golden shovels to transport the sauce into my eager gut.

Great fries elevate any meal, this has been confirmed by multiple sauces.

Here’s the TL; DR for everyone who considers Changes to be their favourite 2pac song

– There aren’t sixty tables in Table Sixty

– Their coffee is amazing.

– Fries elevate everything. Why do you think everyone loves Fryday?

Damn right.
Damn right.

Table Sixty, Wynyard (CBD)

60 Carrington Street (opposite the Wynyard Bus Terminals)

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 7:00am to 4:00pm

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