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It took me a while before I settled on a proper haircut. Some of my closest (and not so closest) friends will say that I have actually never had a proper haircut.

I would like to assure you that this is false and that my hair is a deal breaker only to those that already don’t like me. I have momentarily forgotten where I was heading with this.

Wait, I got it.

Even though my hair is cool, I’m still prone to bad hair days. There’ll be occasional strand that stands above its brethren proudly like a rogue bean sprout that refuses to be pat down by water or hair product. There’ll be the patch which sticks out like a Chinese guy at a rap concert and my fringe will sometimes split off in different directions like Harry, Zane, Louis, Niall and Liam when they realise that they’re better off as solo acts (yes, I’ve got One Direction references. It’s the little things).

However, I am unstoppable on my good hair days. I’ll walk around a shopping centre and notice girls looking at me like ‘dayum, that guy looks delicious.’

This is exactly what was going through my head whenever I eyed a plate of sushi at Sushizilla today



First of all, the fact that no one has ever coined the nickname ‘Sushizilla’ for me indicates that my friends are very poor in the nickname christening department. There was a perfect occasion for me to earn that nickname too; there was this one time in 2006 where I demolished 17 plates of sushi in one sitting. If that performance isn’t worthy of being called Sushizilla then I don’t know what is.

Sushizilla is located in the still new Central Park complex located on Broadway. Unbeknownst to me is that it was designed to be the ultimate date spot (more on this later). I was on a man-date with myself so it felt like the perfect time to get some grub before I took myself on a nice stroll through the park. Sushizilla currently has a special Christmas deal in place in which every plate of sushi will only set you back $2 (excludes hand rolls and sashimi).


Oh snap, time to see if I can break my 7 year old record:

I had to start off with a classic:

Seared salmon belly
Seared salmon belly

I was eyeing one of the sushi chefs as his artistry was on full display. There’s something enthralling about watching sushi come to life right in front of you. I was hypnotised and only snapped out of my nigiri induced slumber when the sushi was placed on the conveyor belt. I grabbed it immediately and the chef gave me an appreciative nod; which I returned straight away after eating both morsels.

The salmon was seared beautifully with the little butane flamethrower that sushi chefs utilise and the sauce was complementary and not overpowering. Off to a strong start.

Next up:

Crab aburi
Crab aburi

This was probably the worst dish I sampled on the day. It wasn’t terrible just very unspectacular. Imitation crab meat is one of my vices (along with Pokémon, girls who are bad for me and energy drinks) and I was not fiending for anymore after eating this plate. Good but not great; kind of like my performance in the HSC.

My mother is shaking her head slowly whilst reading that sentence.

On to the next one:

Dragon roll
Dragon roll

Made with 100% dragon meat.

Just kidding.

Eel sushi is my favourite and this really hit the spot. They were quite generous with the avocado and it did wonders combined with freshly prepared teriyaki eel. Loved this dish and deeply appreciated their being three pieces.

Jalapeno prawns
Jalapeno prawns

I know what you’re thinking: ‘where are the jalapenos?’

I was thinking the same thing until I took a closer look at the mayonnaise that sat in the middle of each prawn cutlet. It was laced with tiny jalapeno fragments to give me the kick in the mouth my parents wanted to give me when they saw my HSC results. The mayonnaise was really tasty and the prawns were rather succulent.

What now?

Prawn fry
Prawn fry

A thought occurred to me as I was devouring this plate of sushi. The thought was: ‘I don’t think I’ve ever had freshly fried prawn sushi before.’ I’m always susceptible to ordering ebi prawns at a sushi place but it was always off the train. This plate was made to order and the stark difference has made me question every decision I’ve ever made in my life including all the subjects I decided to do for the HSC. Hot, crunchy and absolutely delicious.

You can never go wrong with fresh out of the fryer.

Philadelphia roll
Philadelphia roll

Cream cheese is one of those ingredients that I only ever seem to have with sushi, my pizza equivalent is pineapple. You won’t see me sneaking pineapple into my noodle soup.

Cream cheese is a great sushi ingredient but I felt like it was cheating on eel. Cream cheese & eel are best friends and it felt like salmon was coming between them. I don’t like that. It’s like salmon is a temporary girlfriend because eel decided to go on exchange for a semester. Tasty, but everyone knows who Bella really belongs with.

Seared scallops with spicy mayonnaise
Seared scallops with spicy mayonnaise

I’m running out of synonyms for delicious, but let me solider on. This was absolutely tantalising. The sliced chili on top of the already spicy mayonnaise was overdoing it in the best way possible. The scallops were still soft, juicy and not the least bit chewy. Excellent stuff.

Every time I go out and have sushi, I always look for a way to cap my meal off. My last dish has to be good.

So I went for another old favourite:

Soft shell crab hand roll
Soft shell crab hand roll ($3)

A dollar extra? I’m totally down for that cause this was amazing. One of the most underrated components when making good sushi is using high quality seaweed. Sushizilla got the memo because this seaweed was amazing. It served as an appetising house for its equally scrumptious inhabitants. The soft shell crab was just bursting with natural juices encased within the light batter. Cucumber was there earning a nomination for best supporting actor along with trusty salmon roe.

You know how they say it’s hard for parents to pick a favourite? Well, I’d probably make a lousy parent because this was easily my favourite offering.

Shout outs to Gen who didn't give me a single odd look as I took photo after photo of his creations
Shout outs to Gen who didn’t give me a single odd look as I took photo after photo of his creations

After my meal, I decided to go explore Central Park for a while. There are a lot of cool urban clothing stores and a Daiso offering tonnes of cool Japanese accessories, utensils and household products on the cheap. However, the highlight was definitely the park behind the main complex.

If you look closely, you can see where I'm having dessert next time
If you look closely, you can see where I’m having dessert next time

The Central Park date special will definitely consist of dinner at Sushizilla, waffles at Max Brenner’s and dessert at my place.

Now I just need to find a date.

Here’s the TL; DR for everyone who was wondering how I did in the HSC (I’m taking my UAI to the grave)

– I don’t have many good hair days

– You can’t go wrong with eel sushi

– The special covers made to order sushi as well so get everything fresh!


Sushizilla @ Central Park, Chippendale

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Open 7 Days: 9:00am to 9:30pm

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