Chur Burger, Surry Hills (Katy Perry Edition)

I know what my readers have been thinking.

I’ve published almost thirty posts now and I have yet to make a single Katy Perry reference. I have completely neglected discussing her failed romance with Russell Brand and the way I’ve disregarded her burgeoning romance with John Mayer has been a disgrace. Not even once have I noted how her cameo on How I Met Your Mother was infinitely better than fellow pop star Britney Spears or that she and Zooey Deschanel have never been spotted in the same place.

It’s time now.

Once again, I took myself on a date to Chur Burger to get a hold of Ramen Raff‘s allusive burger and I thought that I’d hum some of Katy Perry’s most popular hits.

Which is how Chur Burger (Katy Perry Edition) came to life.

Yep, I’m milking the Chur Burger franchise like Warner Bros is milking The Hobbit. Let’s go!

Ahh, the classic standing outside Chur shot

When people discuss the one that got away, they tend to be referring to  a romance that fizzled out or one that came to a conclusion because of circumstances outside of their control. For me, the one that got away was and still is a burger.

Ramen Raff’s crispy pork belly burger was available throughout all of November but it had escaped my grasp every time I tried to get a hold of it. Drastic action was required so I decided head to Chur as soon as it opened even though last Friday night completely drained me of my energy.

Spoiler alert: I kissed a burger and I liked it.

This guy actually flashed me a gang sign right after I took this photo. CHUR!
This guy actually flashed me a gang sign right after I took this photo. CHUR!

Here it comes….


Twice cooked pork belly burger featuring chilli glaze, apple & celery slaw with aioli
Twice cooked pork belly burger featuring chilli glaze, apple & celery slaw with aioli

Look, some burgers leave you hot & cold but this one had me completely speechless. I have heard rave reviews from the food blogging community but I had no idea the level of flavour that would be pulsating from this pork filled delight. Juices came flowing out of it upon its first pick up; it’s almost like the burger was crying tears of joy having finally felt my warm and tender embrace.

Speaking of warm and tender; the pork belly was the star of the show. Nicely layered and with a crisp layer of fat that you just wanted to let loiter in your mouth. The supporting cast for the tender pork belly was also top notch. I had no idea there was celery in the burger until its distinct flavour blew up like a firework during one of my large bites. Another unexpected aspect was how sweet the burger was, I’m guessing it was the glaze that gave the burger its sugary hit and my belly roared with delight.

I loved it. I loved it so much and ate it so enthusiastically that I actually finished my burger before anyone else in the restaurant had received their order.

Yeah…I have a big mouth.

Final thoughts. Though we only shared one lunch date, I knew upon first bite that you were my burger soul mate.


Here’s the TL; DR for everyone who has ever felt like a plastic bag floating in the wind:

– Today’s the last day you can enjoy Raff’s pork belly burger! Go to Chur now! Or hit them up on Facebook and Twitter to petition for it become a permanent addition to the menu.

– The pork belly burger had my heart racing in my skin tight jeans and it’ll definitely be in my teenage dreams tonight.

– Go to Chur and never look back, don’t ever look back.

(I’m sorry)

One more time.
One more time.

Chur Burger

48 Albion Street, Surry Hills

Opening Hours

Monday: 11.30 – 5.00pm

Tuesday – Saturday: 11.30 – 10pm

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