The Choc Pot, Burwood

Confession: I’ve never really been a dessert kind of guy.

Don’t get me wrong, I love cake, ice cream and fruit platters as much as the next guy. It’s just that I never really got dessert growing up in a Chinese household. We would have our rice with some meat and vegetables and that was it. Dessert was excessive, dessert wasn’t necessary dessert wasn’t there.

I’ve been making up for my lack of dessert over the years.

Here’s my latest effort at The Choc Pot in Burwood.


Before I had even walked in, I knew that the Choc Pot was going to be one of the favourite places I’ve visited so far.

It’s hilariously located right across the gym. Imagine this scene. You’re enjoying some decadent dessert, you look out the window and immediately a sense of guilt overcomes you as you stare at a gym across the road.

Now the flip side. You’ve just made a new personal best on the treadmill and the abs you’ve worked so hard to sculpt are finally coming through. You exit the gym and see a neat dessert cafe right across the road. You’ve worked so hard so you deserve to treat yourself right?

Protip: Yes. Don’t ever deprive yourself of dessert.

So many delicious options and only one stomach...
So many delicious options and only one stomach…by the way, writing neatly with chalk is a legitimate skill.

Here’s what I opened with:

Passionfruit black tea
Passionfruit black tea

Here’s what I imagine my millions of readers are thinking: ‘Isaac went to a dessert place to have tea? I had no idea he was 73 years old!”

First off, I’m forty two in January (according to my adorable grandmother) so lay off. Secondly, this might be the best tea I’ve ever had.

One more time for dramatic effect; this might be the best tea I’ve ever had. The scent of passionfruit seduced me completely and the staff at the Choc Pot was really confused as to why I was suddenly topless in public view.

This is the perfect winter tea except its good for all seasons.

Here’s what my buddy had:

Red velvet hot chocolate
Red velvet hot chocolate

Wait, what?



This exists? Oh my. My friend’s eyeballs popped out and did a couple of cartwheels upon seeing this option in the menu.

I had a taste and it was really nice. The red velvet wasn’t over powering and it was far from the most dominant taste in the mug. It played a supporting role as the Choc Pot’s hot chocolate took centre stage. The red velvet flavour was very subtle and served to accentuate rather than overtake.

(Update: Today I learned that red velvet wasn’t a flavour but just cake with the trademark red colouring. I will now proceed to light myself on fire).

Oh and it made everything look prettier. Why should your mouth get all the enjoyment, your eyes deserve some candy too.

Now, for the main course….of dessert.

Molten choc pot
Molten choc pot

Do you see that lovely chocolate oozing out of the pot?

It’s the dessert equivalent of the charm I radiate when I walk into a club.

Ok, a more accurate analogy is the amount of sweat I excrete after a solid basketball session except nowhere as aesthetically pleasing or tasty.

My photo really doesn’t do it justice. Check out Food Porn Nation’s Instagram video and you’ll understand why I was squealing with delight when this was placed in front of me.

One more photo:

Are you serious?
Are you serious?

This was a hot chocolate cake with melted chocolate just bursting out of the pot. Oh and just in case you weren’t getting your fill, they threw in an enormous strawberry for you to use up all the leaking chocolate. The chocolate is so rich and loaded that it makes you feel shabby and under-dressed.It’s probably best to share it as it’s incredibly decadent. Plus there are a tonne of great options on the menu so a make shift platter with this as an option is probably the best method to get the most out of the Choc Pot.

By the way, the girl at the counter asked if I wanted a side of ice cream and I refused. That easily makes the list of dumbest decisions I’ve made this year along with watching a movie instead of the NBA draft, buying flowers for a girl that didn’t like me and cutting my fringe off when I have a forehead the size of a surfboard. Get the ice cream and use that chocolate wisely.

Warning, the pot is hot as is the cake within. Folks with sensitive teeth have been warned.

Here’s the TL; DR for everyone who googled shirtless food bloggers:

– I’m secretly 73 years old and have the cardigan collection to back it up

– Passionfruit black tea is a must have and complements many things on the menu

– Try the chocolate molten pot and everything else on the menu as well. They currently have a summer menu that’s available for a limited time:

DSC_0069– I probably shouldn’t have added new info in the TL; DR

– Whoops

DSC_0070The Choc Pot, Burwood

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