Makoto Sushi Bar, CBD

Ahh a wild cold front has appeared in Sydney!

I’m not complaining. I’m a huge fan of the cold and Mother Nature has brought about the perfect conditions for one to enjoy warm noodle soups.

Naturally, I decided to go to Makoto Sushi Bar today.

Noodle soups can wait.


A line outside a restaurant prior to its opening is always a tell tale sign that you’re in for a treat.

Admittedly, the line I joined was only three people deep but still. Makoto has been consistently been well regarded by all patrons and the small cue waiting hungrily for it to open was a great sign.

Other than the food, one of my favourite things about Japanese restaurants is the enthusiastic greeting that gets lobbed at you as soon as you walk enter the restaurant. A sincere ‘yasi mase (I’m sure I butchered that)’ always brings a grin to my face and it’s probably the closest I’ll ever come to being greeted with a standing ovation.

Again, this is probably the closest I'll come to having a group of personal chefs
Again, this is probably the closest I’ll come to having a group of personal chefs

As much as I love food that’s made to order (more on that later) I can’t resist the gimmick of a sushi train. Maybe it’s because I grew up watching Johnny English and that sushi train scene has stuck with me. Regardless, this is one novelty that I have yet to get tired of.

I started with my favourite.

(By the way, half way through composing this piece I thought it’d be funny if I used pick up lines. I’m sorry but it was a great idea at the time).

Grilled eel sushi
Grilled eel sushi

Hey, you’re glistening today.

I love eel sushi so much. A lot of my friends tell me it’s an acquired taste but I guess I acquired it from birth. The teriyaki sauce that sat atop the tender eel and rice had just the right amount of sweetness and didn’t completely soak through the rice which is a pet peeve of mine. I would’ve enjoyed an eel offering with cream cheese and cucumber but I guess it isn’t the most authentic combination even if it is incredibly tasty.

On to the next rice filled morsel!

Seared salmon belly with salmon roe
Seared salmon belly with salmon roe

Hey hot stuff, you’re smoking.

I love it when a sushi chef busts out the blow torch. It’s a signal that things are about to go down similar to when Ash from Pokémon turns his cap backwards.

As good as sashimi is, I am quite partial to the smoky flavour that the blowtorch adds. The roe’s a great touch as the burst of flavour when one pops inside your mouth is really cool.

Sesame crusted salmon and avocado roll
Sesame crusted salmon and avocado roll

Hi, do you come around here often? You really should meet my mouth, you guys would be a great match.

One post earlier I lamented the fact that sesame crusted food items were a lot more scarce than they should be and I guess the food Gods heard me. Salmon and avocado is already an excellent couple so the sesame was either going to be a well planned anniversary dinner or a home wrecker like Oliver in season one of the OC.

Fortunately, the crunch of the sesame was like a candlelit meal for the salmon and avocado and no one went to bed angry.

Soft shell crab roll with black sesame, tamago, cucumber and capsicum
Soft shell crab roll with black sesame, tamago, cucumber and capsicum

I bet you have a soft shell under that ricey exterior.

I know it shouldn’t matter very much, but I really enjoyed how this offering was composed. It just LOOKED tasty and it seemed extra appealing because one of the chefs had just transferred it onto the conveyor belt.

This was quite the mouthful and I mean that literally. I have a pretty big mouth (heh) and I could barely take a bite. I immediately thought about proposing once I managed to sink my teeth into this morsel. It was amazing; the high point was definitely the soft tamago trying to steal the soft shell crab’s spotlight. A great example of tasty and well crafted sushi.

Karrage Chicken
Karaage Chicken

I can’t wait to sink my teeth into you.

In terms of fried chicken, karaage has to be a contender for best method way to create it, especially if there’s a side of Japanese mayonnaise.

This was my one dish that was made to order and it arrived piping hot. The chicken encased in karaage batter was incredibly moist and tender. Admittedly; I wouldn’t have noticed if it had been burnt and dry because Japanese mayonnaise makes everything better. I wish they had offered more mayo. Maybe like a bottle I could’ve taken home with me.

Side note: The salad accompanying the chicken was really good. There was rocket in the salad and everyone knows I love rocket.

Here’s the TL: DR for people who just wanted to look at photos

– Yasi mase!

– I’m clearly inexperienced when it comes to pick up lines. I’m over reliant upon animal magnetism.

– It’s always good sushi weather


Makoto Sushi Bar, CBD

119 Liverpool Street, NSW

Opening 7 days:

11:30am – 11:00pm

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