Yok Yor, Haymarket

I love Thai food.

Back in the days in which I relied upon my mother to drive me around; I’d always get Thai food delivered to my house. Admittedly, this would only happen when I got sick of pizza which wasn’t very often. I never had Thai properly as I would only ever order Pad See Ew or Pad Thai and occasionally mixing up what entree accompanied my noodles. Thai food is meant to be shared, you’re meant to be hit with a dozen different flavours during the course of the meal and you’re supposed to be Thai-d to your chair throughout the lunch/dinner.

Yep, I had Thai at Yok Yor today and it was Thairiffic.

(Yes, this post will feature a lot of Thai puns. I’m Thairiffied for you).


As a relatively new food blogger; one of the things I’ve learnt from my experiences is that it’s always better to eat in packs. One, you get a bit of a shield when you’re snapping photos of the culinary delights on display. Two, you get some more opinions on stuff and maybe a completely unique take that wouldn’t hit you otherwise. Three, MORE FOOD!

Located in Sydney’s ‘Thai Town,’ Yok Yor had a vast menu so multiple mouths were definitely a good thing. It’s not a huge restaurant but big enough to fit a hungry crowd.

I started off with a Thai iced tea latte.

Thai iced tea latte
Thai iced tea latte

I’m not a fan of whipped cream.

Instead of doing the smart thing and scooping it out, I decided it’d be more fun to drink the tea as quickly as possible before the cream completely dissolved into the beverage. I’m a huge fan of Thai tea and I actually brew it myself. I’ve cut back on my consumption of it due to the vast quantities of condensed milk you need to put into it but Yok Yor’s offering wasn’t as sweet as some other places and was a beautifully balanced beverage.

Stir fried macaroni with chicken
Stir fried macaroni with chicken

I never thought I’d have macaroni inside a Thai restaurant but here we go.

I was a bit apprehensive at first as I’ve only ever had Easy Mac and my last experience wasn’t fantastic. Fortunately, my lack of tenure with macaroni led to me enjoying this dish immensely. The taste of tomato was incredibly rich and was present in every aspect of the dish. I wouldn’t recommend this to someone who doesn’t like tomato but it should be a hit with everyone else.

Stir fried pork belly & green vegetables with rice
Stir fried pork belly & green vegetables with rice

Pork belly is either the best or second best thing about pork depending on how I feel about bacon on the day. This dish was excellent even though our table left the rice mostly untouched (shall be explained later). The pork belly was nicely layered and the fat portion (my favourite portion) was rather generous. There are few simpler pleasures in life than delicious fatty pork. The chili covered vegetables provided a nice kick too considering it was a rather cold day.

Squid coated with garlic sauce and stuffed with pork mince
Squid coated in garlic sauce and stuffed with pork mince

Read that caption again.

Squid coated in garlic sauce and stuffed with pork mince.’

I have a perfect pop culture analogy for this dish. Do you remember when Heath Ledger was first cast as the Joker in the Dark Knight and the geek community lost their collective minds? They couldn’t see how the guy from ’10 Things I Hate About You’ was going to be featured in a Batman movie as the series’ most iconic villains. Next thing you know, he gives the greatest performance of his career and his on screen chemistry with Bale’s Batman solidified the Dark Knight’s status as one of the greatest movies of all time.

That’s what I was thinking when I was eating the squid stuffed with pork mince. It doesn’t seem like a combination that should work but it does and it does it spectacularly.

Scallop fried rice with XO sauce
Scallop fried rice with XO sauce

Here’s the reason we left the white rice mostly untouched. This serving of fried rice was amazing and just what I needed. There was a generous amount of scallops with the rice and the combination of chilli, celery and onion made it rank as some of the best fried carbohydrates I’ve had in a while.

Mango with sticky rice
Mango with sticky rice

Confession: I was really, really full by the time dessert came around. The mango was slightly sourer than I normally like but its hard not to enjoy mango in any shape or form.

Sticky rice with banana and blackbean wrapped in bamboo leaves
Sticky rice with banana and blackbean wrapped in bamboo leaves

Once again, I was on the verge of toppling over in my seat so I only had a spoon full of this so I could give the people what they want. It was sickly sweet like that time I thought adding a tablespoon of sugar to my soft drink would be a good idea. My Thai friend enjoyed it immensely so maybe it was just me having seconds and thirds on every dish that rendered my taste buds a little thai-red.


Here’s the TL; DR for everyone who just wanted to look at photos:

– I’ve got Thai puns that are thai’d and true.

– Thai iced tea is better than all other forms of iced tea.

– Easy Mac macaroni is not the apex of macaroni dishes.

– ‘Squid coated in garlic sauce and stuffed with pork mince’ has a lot more in common with Heath Ledger than you’d normally think

– Isaac shouldn’t have dessert after a ridiculously large meal


Yok Yor, Haymarket

Shop G06, 323 Castlereagh Street 

Opening 7 days from 11:00am to 1:00am

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