Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine, Chinatown

You’re not going to believe this but I don’t go on many dates.

Even though that may be the case, I’m always on the lookout for new date spots. You know the type of place I’m talking about. Actually you probably don’t because you haven’t had the misfortune of being trapped in a restaurant with me as I try a shotgun blast of jokes hoping to get even a hint of a giggle.


I like taking dates to Chinese restaurants. This may seem boring (I’m Chinese) but mostly because it’s a cuisine I’m familiar with and feel confident when looking through a menu. Tonight, I found another restaurant to add to the list of places I’d like to take Anna Kendrick.

I’m talking about Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine in Chinatown.


I’ve never been to Hong Kong before but my friend said the restaurant was very reminiscent of the home of the Young & Dangerous. We arrived just before prime dinner time and it was already thriving with people keen for some Chinese food.

Here’s a photo that further illustrates why this would be an ideal venue for my future date with Chloe Bennet

Those lights represent the chemistry between me and Alison Brie
Those lights represent the chemistry between me and Alison Brie

I should probably start talking about the food huh? Sorry guys.

We decided to order as many dishes as possible to accompany white rice instead of ordering fried rice/noodles with a more limited sampling of dishes.

I feel that we made the right decision.

First up were some prawns.

Egg yolk fried prawns
Egg yolk fried prawns

Story time with Isaac: I didn’t like prawns until very late in life because no one taught me how to properly shed a prawn’s skin. I’m slowly making up for it and tonight was another step in the right direction. I ate 75% of the prawns on the plate, mostly because they were delicious and also because this was one of the dishes I picked personally. The egg yolk coating really accentuated the tender prawn meat within the light egg batter. Loved it.

Would I have traded the lettuce nest for more prawns? Definitely.

Deep fried tofu with seafood and egg white sauce
Deep fried tofu with seafood and egg white sauce

This was my friend’s favourite dish of the night. I was also quite partial to it because it just mixed with our rice so easily. I know it doesn’t look like the most appetising dish ever created but it tasted fantastic. I’m not sure how you would eat this without rice but tofu and rice is a match made in culinary heaven.

Now, here’s what initially drew me to Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine:

Peking Duck Buns
Peking Duck Steamed Buns

Oh my.

Traditionally, Peking duck is served with little pancakes. This remix featured buns similar to those of Ippudo or Momofuku’s pork buns and it works just as well with duck in the middle. I love my Peking duck with a bit of meat so this bun was perfect for me. Traditionalists who prefer their Peking duck with just the skin can still find solace in the great sauce and crispy skin served within this little dough package.

Fried dumplings in bird's nest
Fried dumplings in bird’s nest

Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine might feature some of the most photogenic dishes in Sydney. I just couldn’t believe how magnificent a sight the dumplings made encased in their bird’s next container. The bird’s nest was extremely crisp and would’ve made a fantastic stand alone starter. The dumplings were solid albeit unspectacular. I’ve grown so accustomed to dumplings and gyoza with soup inside of them that anything minus a liquid centre is a bit of a letdown. The nest made up for the lack of soup but a little bit of liquid filling would’ve made this a fantastic dish.

Today I learned that creaming soda is immensely popular in Hong Kong
Today I learned that creaming soda is immensely popular in Hong Kong

Here’s the TL; DR for people who just wanted to look at my photos

– Isaac doesn’t go on many dates

– I love Anna Kendrick

– Egg yolk fried prawns would make an excellent side dish to just about anything. Tofu in egg white sauce also fulfils that role spectacularly.

– It’s hard to screw up peking duck


Old Town Hong Kong Cuisine, Chinatown

10 Dixon St  Sydney, NSW 2000

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday: 11:00am – 2:00am

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