What Should You Blog About?


Now that you’ve set up a blog, you need to post to the blog regularly. Search engines love sites with fresh and frequently updated content. A blog is a great way to provide the search engines with fresh content. But more importantly, the visitors to your blog will want to see new content on a regular basis. New content will keep your visitors coming back. The days are gone when a blog was simply a personal journal. These days, visitors want to be informed and entertained, they don’t want to know what you ate for breakfast.

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Using Guest Posting To Boost Your Blog



Blogging can be a great field. You have your own little corner of the Internet to share all of your thoughts with all kinds of viewers around the globe. You even get to network and connect with others in your field. One way to boost your blog a bit is by allowing guest posting. This is where you have another person or “guest” create a blog on your blog with your permission. This type of blog posting carries a lot of benefits as you will see below.

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The Strange Side Of Blogging



One thing that often is described when it comes to blogging, is what you should and shouldn’t blog. More specifically, what you should avoid putting on your blog because of it being strange, weird, or embarrassing. More consideration should be taken with when to keep those things out and when not, too. Read on to learn more about adding a bit of positive “strangeness” to your blogging.

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